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First Montauk Monster, now Bigfoot, could this ruin UFO credibility in the media?

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 12:22 AM
Monster washes up on beach, Chupacabra chased by a cop in Texas, Bigfoot killed and body stuffed in freezer. Press Conference flops etc, etc.

These whole Monsters’ in the media thing will not help Ufology in the long run. I have been seeing the comments of the youtubers and other bloggers making the connection of poor media reporting because they are talking too much about UFOs and Monsters these days. I feel like if this continues, the next big UFO sighting will be scoffed at the same way they scoff at the Monster Hoaxes.

In a bizarre way, I feel like the Crypto people are getting jealous of all the UFO Buzz lately in the media and they probably feel left out. The thing is, if the hoaxes keep piling up with the whole Monster Mania, the media outlets will dismiss good UFO stories because they would have played out to many hoaxes. They would probably think twice before posting a UFO story thinking it might be one more hoax.

Disclosure is coming slowly but could be prolonged until this latest Hoax wave passes us by and the people forget they got excited and suckered again.

If these charlatans keep making Press Conferences on hoaxes again and again, what will happen when the UFO community decides to make a Press conference on a big find? No one will care and it will probably go by unnoticed. Pilots, Astronauts, and other credible UFO people will be looked on with suspect eyes and that is not good.

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posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 04:06 AM
No, the UFO/Alien credibility has been dead for years.

Hmm, lets see,

John lear
Clifford Stone
Bob Lazaar
David Icke
Billy Meier
Need I list more?

Please. Disclosure. This word is so far out there. Ahemmm.
Keep digging them graves there matey.

Care and luck,

Editd at some point. LOL

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