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1588 days, 5 hrs, 37 mins, 6 secs left so far

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:24 PM
1588 days, 5 hrs, 37 mins, 6 secs left until 11:11 december 12 2012

good or bad somethings going to happrn wether we like it or not.

heres a site i found about 2012 if your uneducated in the subject

it also has a timer for 11:11 december 12 2012

What do you think do you believe in 2012 ?

[edit on 4/20/2008 by billyjoinedat2k8]

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:16 PM
Pretty interesting site, to say the least.

Nobody knows what the new start will bring, but most agree 2012 brings SOMETHING new. Seems the world leaders are trying to have as much tension in the world as possible before then.

Just my opinion.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:18 PM
i hope people dont get too disappointed,clinging to a date instead of consciously making changes so the date will come into being are two different things...i wish people would stop waiting and start acting...but its not going to happen.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by Lethil

Sorry dude, been too many 'false alarms', to really be ready for anything, at any given time. The trick is to just go along with it, and live the way you want to while you can.

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