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What is the difference from big boned to thin boned humans?

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:01 PM
Hi. My mind is wondering again. I am a thin boned human, I would like those who have had any teachings or theories on this particular subject who would know why there is thin boned and big boned humans and were it has derived from, its origin and the reason for the both been different?.

Dose big boned individuals have the same strengh capacity as someone who is thin bonded with the same weight? Can someone who is thin boned who is 5 foot 7 take the weight of 238 pounds than someone who is big boned and weights 238 pounds?.

I also have wonderd why some people are small and some people are tall?.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:25 PM
well from my understanding there is big boned in the sense of the diameter of each bone being larger or smaller than the normal. that exists to ut the variance between the small and big isn't too much. You can tell from looking at things like the wrist. Being big boned doesn't account generally for the large size of some people who say that hey are big boned. Being big boned and carrying extra weight in fat are too different things and people use big boned as an excuse. you don't get that large by being big boned, unless you have a bone disease.

The second type of big boned is when some have a larger skeletal frame than the normal. Ie. some people have much wider or barrel chested rib caged or shoulders. since the meat has to stretch over a larger area and volume that person probably weighs more for their hight than the average.

Another thing to consider is bone density. how thick the outside of he one (the hard part) in comparison to somebody with a thiner outter part of the bone with more spongy marrow in the middle than others. If you cut a bone in half and look at it's center you will see the hard bony outter layer and it's all filled in the center with marrow-it looks red and spongy. Marrow weighs less than the bony part on the out side. some people have a thicker bony part and less marrow in the middle. the bone stays the same size but can weigh more because it is denser. that person might weigh more than somebody their same height for that reason too. People that have more marrow are usually called bird boned. their bones may weigh less and break more easily.

So as far as people saying they are big boned to explain their size Ie how large they are in volume are that way because of either their muscle mass or their fat or from havinga wider skelletal frame- bieng barrel chested, but they may not be big boned.

As for ones hight. It's all genetic. sometimes disease and malnutrition will stunt a persons growth so that they don't get to their normal full height. The brain has this gland called the pituitary gland. It's part of the endocrine system. when you are a kid growing up the pituitary gland regulateshuman growth hormone. when it's genetics tell it to stop making the stuff you slow down in growth and the tips of your bones which were soft like the new growth on a tree branch begin to harden and mature up just like the tree branch. when this happens you can't grow any taller for good. For most people this happens from the age of 18-25 when the bones harden and stop growing. for others it may stop as early as 16. Doctors will sometimes prescribe for kids who have glands that are weak or not functioning normal a chemical called protrophen which is synthetic human growth hormone. it works with the pituitary gland (sorta like a steroid) to get the gland to produce more human growth hormone t o try and make the kid grow a fw more inches before it is too late so that they can at least reach their normal height.

The pituitary gland is also responsible for a lot more than just controlling your growth, it also regulates human insulin and I believe seratonin too.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:48 PM
Thank you for your reply. What I mean is, those who attucally have bigger bones, thick fingers and thick arms, many men have theses and mostly women are thinner boned. I am thin boned and I see many men who have big bone structure like their chest and their arms etc. What i would like to know is, would i be able to carry the same weight as a thin bone person than someone who is big boned in structure?.

Like, some people have said i wundt be able to carry 210 pounds because of my thin frame, is this true?.

Do i still have the possiblity of looking qutie big as someone who has big bones with the same weight. I mean is that my skull is thiner than the average man ( i think) and were as some men and women have found faces with a bigger skull and body frame.

Is there a possible reason why there is such a difference in humans. So the answer could be thin bone people have more marrow than those with big bones, so is that a good thing?.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:52 PM
I kinda think that different people from different parts of the world have different bone structures. Or at least originally it was that way... Like the Norwegians, I think, are larger bone structured?

I have no idea what my issue is. I honestly always wondered about bone structure, too.

I've got tiiiiiiny, tiny wrists. So that would indicate small bone structure?

Yet, even after losing large amounts of weight, my bone structure sticks out like no tomorrow, so always curvy if that makes sense....

Anyone else? I think a lot of us are all mutts here.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:55 PM
I think mostly thin bones are in women, I seen that big bones are genreally Russian and sorrounding areas, Norwegian, Denish, Swedish. I think, the Germans are thin boned, French, Spanish. The tall big boned men/women are some what viking looking, however again, even if it is of them origins, the question still remains, why?.
I think its an interesting topic, I cant find anything on the internet about this.

For example, my shoulders are slanted like a womans, but its genreally known men have wide shoulders however the girlfriends i have had, have had wide shoulders taking after their fathers, dose anyone know were i am coming from here?

thanks for the replies so far.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:03 PM
Bassplyr here,

I got a buddy of mine. he is bird boned but also very large skelletally in the rib cage and shoulders. he's about 5,9 and 175. he can bench a ton and has ass loads of muscle, is a black belt in two martial arts. he is large and intimidating, but due to his bird bones (not as dense as othrs) he weighs less than one would expect. He can still bench a lot of weight but I have noticed that his bones do injure more in the form of the joints wigging out while lifting and the bones breaking more easily when doing wood and brick breaking in the martail arts. that bein said if he hits you you are done. he's a big strapping, strong dude. but yes he has a weakness as far as how much punishment and weight he can put on those bones.

In contrast I am 5,4 dense rock like bones and a wide rib cage and shoulders. I lift the same he does (I genetically have a lot of muscle mass) but don't suffer as much joint wear and tear for some reason. it's like my bones are stiffer. I can also break the same stuff (wood bricks etc) in martial arts but with much less frequent injuries than my buddy. I weigh more like 200lbs. a lot of it is muscle and some fat, but when I was in shape and had little fat I still couldn't drop down below 165 due to my bone density, and maybe a little from the muscle. I should have been if I was more normal in bone density about 145.

I do notice that I get more ankle injuries and foot wear n tear than my bird boned buddy. His bones and joint when not lifting weights have to take far less stress than mine. he almost never injures his feet. I injure mine frequently. my bones still have a limit as to how much abuse they can take.

So the difference between bird boned and dense boned people in how much weight they can take varies, it's true, but not that much that you should expect it to get in the way of your life, whatever it is that you decide to do with your body.

A man who is 5,4 can easily go through life with the same weight and mass as a man who is 6,0 and have it never effect him too seriously. I do.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 11:54 PM
In terms of width i don't think bone structure varies that much at all. A very tall person might have thicker bones than a smaller one, but proportionally I think they would be about the same.

It's more muscle than bone that determine whether a person is going to be strong. The bones can't do anything without the muscles moving htem.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 01:25 AM
I am a woman, my wrists are so large that most bracelets or watches, will not fit me, even when I was underweight for my height and bone structure.

There is very little flesh on my wrists, and a weight clinic took calibers to measure my bones and said I was large boned, actually they were very surprised at how big my bones were.

I have a friend who is much taller than me, so I assumed she was large boned too. One day she was talking about her weight and I was explaining the big bones issue on weight, and how to tell if one has large bones.

So she stuck out her wrist and said, "Tell me if I have large bones. " I could not believe how thin her bones were. Her wrist was all flesh. She weighed more than me at the time.

It was not long after that, she stepped across a small ditch, she did not fall, but she broke her ankle, the dr. said it was because of her weight on such thin bones. He said, he did not believe she had gotten enough calcium in her diet as a child and was supposed to have had larger bones, he based this on her height and her parents bone structure.

So actually ones weight can affect their bones and thin bones can not usually support a really overweight person.

Also one should realize that bone structure affects one weight, I am five foot eight and have large bones, my normal weight should be around 150-160 pounds.

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 11:23 AM
so it bolds down to milk, surly its not just that, there must be some origon of theses to different identities. So, now that i am thin bone and weight 140 pounds i would not be able to cope with 252 pounds if i put that weight on? because i am thin boned and its not structured to carry that?. Then, theres my question, why is some bones structured for more weight than another?

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 08:45 PM
It's strange. I used to be thin boned but extremely strong. I had a 4 pack for awhile without doing any lifting. But then it seemed I became big boned. I'm a really big guy now. It sucks.....but it does have a lot of benefits. I remember joking around with some people saying I'm half giant half gnome. My mom was about 5 '2 and my dad 6 '6 or so. I'm 6 '1 -6 '2 or there abouts and 225.

posted on Aug, 22 2008 @ 09:30 PM

Originally posted by deathpoet69
so it bolds down to milk, surly its not just that, there must be some origon of theses to different identities. So, now that i am thin bone and weight 140 pounds i would not be able to cope with 252 pounds if i put that weight on? because i am thin boned and its not structured to carry that?. Then, theres my question, why is some bones structured for more weight than another?

I'm not sure if getting adequate calcium would make anyone big boned, I think what the dr. was saying is that she was supposed to have been big boned and she was not, due to not getting the adequate calcium.

Her parents would not give them any milk at home. Milk prices had shot up overnight, and so they bought a gallon and made it last, they only used it sparingly in their cooking. They did not realize that this was harming their children, since they also were not giving them any vitamins to replace the milk they should have been getting in their diet.

The size of your bones should be dictated by your genes you inherited from your family. Like all things one needs the proper nourishment to fulfill the potential for development.

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