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Am I atypical?

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posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 04:24 AM
I'm just curious. People at my mom's side of my family have a genetic trait in which they like to shake their knee a lot. I don't. And also people at my Dad's side of the family really like science and math. I also don't think that my Dad's side of my family is particularly religious... and my mom doesn't go to church even though she's Christian.

I am not good at science really or math. My main interest lies within writing, history, and politics. And, I think I am more religious than a lot of the rest of my family is. My family likes to speculate about religion, yet, I am more religious, and I don't like to speculate about religion as often as they do... rather I believe in more of a divine being and I have my belief in religion because I've experienced some things growing up that have led me to. Yet, the rest of my family doesn't seem all that interested in religion, or, when they talk about religion, they just act like they think all of it's made up or make-believe.

Am I atypical from the rest of my family?

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 04:57 AM
Are you religiously or spiritually inclined? I have pretty much the same thing, religion or spirituality is not really an issue here, they don't think about it. The last generation that had religion in it was my grandmothers. My parents and my sister did not have any interest in the whole reality beyond normally percievable reality thing. And speaking for myself i am atypical for the surroundings i grew up in but i'm not as much atypical in the broader sense though.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 05:02 AM
Atypical sounds a little harsh for what you described, you might just be a little different from the rest of your family. Being different isn't necessarily good or bad. Anyway, from what you described, you sound a lot like me - except for the fact that I used to shake my leg while sitting as a child. Now I don't - I pop my knuckles.

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 01:46 PM
Yes, Evasius, I would say that you're probably right in that I am a little different from the rest of my family. Yet how would I adjust to that? I know that I am different from my family. Are there ways that I could cope with the rest of my family with this difference that I have?

Harman, I am more spiritually inclined. When I was younger I had a chronic ear infection, terrible eyesight, allergies, and I was on medication because my parents thought I had ADHD. Now I'm not on medication, I can see perfect with contacts, I have perfect hearing, and I view the world in an entirely different way since I can use all of my natural senses. I believe more in spiritual things because I believe there is an alternate plane of existence that has been guiding me throughout those troubled times when I had all of those problems and I still believe that I am being guided by this alternate plane of existence. My parents really don't care for that kind of stuff. My Mom is too engrossed with teaching math to care about religion, my Dad is a scientist so he has to be objectionable, and although he is religious, in that he is Jewish, I don't go to services regularly with him. My family seems to like to talk about how they think religion is a myth. They also can't conceive of a plane of existence beyond our current one. They don't really care for much spiritualistic stuff and religious stuff.

Harman, can you tell me what you mean by how you are atypical in the sense for the surroundings in which you grew up in? What do you mean by that?

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 02:07 PM
Don't worry so much about "those people". That's what I call my siblings because our parents are church people My father was a Rev. and mom taught nursery and sunday school. However, my siblings don't show the "giving from the heart" good christians should.

The difference, an example, I would allow someone to live in my house because I was doing well or intelligent enough to know whether or not they were going to commit some act I can't stand. However most have the shallow infighting, help with the rent ,food,chores. That usually tears your home apart and your human relationship. So don't worry about those people they just probably have a learned, bad, behavior.

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