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The Evolution of a Human Spirit

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posted on Aug, 10 2008 @ 09:32 PM
Just some perspective I'd like to share. I personally think a lot can be understood when imagining that each of us are in one of these categories, either trying to grow or not.

This can be added onto by others in the forum, which is meant to help understand how culture and religion are somehow overlooked as the same thing. I am almost sure this is in the right forum.

The Evolution of a Human Spirit

Truth adapts to the comprehensions seeking it.


Each culture around the world eventually found that if they tracked their fear-based instincts to a source, that dark spectrum proved to have a polarizing opposite. The Light. Just as there is a name for water in every culture, there is a name for God, but like water, there is only one God. Interpretations are dangerous to the stubborn ego. One can be happy as an infant, however their happiness is restricted to comfort zones only. So we continue to grow…


Each culture’s developed deity lays down fundament principals as a guide to live within the divine intentions. Each eventually calls for their followers to convert the unholy at all cost, and if they meet resistance, they were ordered to use force. Territorial Instinct in each Human creates the “perfect storm” when battling a like mind, even when it is disguised as your enemy. We all have thus far tasted an inch of the truth, however we act as if we our inch is all there is to have. And rebuke anyone who does not fall within our one-inch space we have allotted to the entire scope of truth. So we continue to grow…


Civilization directed humans to seem civil, even as their desires remained selfish. Behind the facade of social graces, which help to hypnotize the children, the darkness begins to develop within some dark-minded spirits. Some become empowered by ownership and one-upmanship, to the point where their justifications are the only true definition to any action. Some kids pretend to follow the direction of the dissenters, but only study their habits long enough to learn stronger perspectives. So we continue to grow…


Soon we begin identifying the commonalities in the world’s differences, which help to design a higher philosophy to unlock what is still hidden within, so those curious to change old patterns may proceed. Old ideas are becoming apparently out-dated, while complacent humans strain to hold onto their acquired control, a momentum manifests to aid in the disassembling of the past. Seekers of light, they will be called.
Seekers begin to challenge those that are holding onto the out-dated understandings. When they meet resistance, they use force, because this is a battle that cannot be lost. Some keepers of old ways will never assimilate to the higher compass, and want to keep humanity in its early stages. Those dark people do not have to believe what is true, for it to remain true. So we continue to grow…


Peaceful times are built from the proverbial ashes of the past. Secrets cannot exist if the walls of potential have been crumbled. Thoughts turn to reality while spectators admire, children grow from the inside out, rather than the outside in, like the old days. Being an adult in spirit reconnects the human with all the tools of the past, so that he may get to work in the present. The rocky road will forever remain smooth to the adult spirit, however we still continue to grow…


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