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Myopia and alien abductions

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 01:08 PM

When abductees are hypnotically regressed, they all appear to remember their time aboard an alien ship in startlingly clear detail. Now being very short-sighted myself, I suddenly thought to myself “what would I remember”. I can imagine any hypnotic regression would go something like this –

Hypnotist: “What can you remember?”

Me: “I remember a bright light”

H: “Then what”

Me: “I felt cold for a few minutes, then I saw lots of fuzzy lights and gray shapes”

H: “What happened next?”

Me: “A voice in my head said watch this monitor”

H: “What was on it”

Me: “Just some blurry pictures ending in a big blue fuzzy object which turned into orange then yellow and white and got bigger”

H: “what was it?”

Me: “I dunno. But at the end I heard another voice in my head saying – Take this message to your leaders and tell them if they don’t mend their ways, what you saw at the end of the movie will happen”

H: (Very frustrated and sounding a little worried at this stage) “WHAT WAS SHOWN ON THE SCREEN!?”

Me: “ Buggered if I know – I’m short-sighted and my glasses were at home!”

So, do aliens avoid abducting short-sighted people (and the blind) and try next door instead for someone with 20/20 vision (I’ve been trying to look for pictures of abductees wearing spectacles on the net, but not had any joy yet – dear reader?).

Or does one of the grays check the room for pairs of glasses (“Oi J-Rod – this geezer’s got two pairs he must need ‘em for reading as well!”, “Oh crap! – Just bring ‘em both and we’ll sort it out later.”)

Or do they just forget the glasses, abduct the person anyway and lend them a pair in the UFO?

Or is there some whizzy temporary procedure they do so that you don’t need glasses whilst you’re abducted?

Or do the hypnotists simply not report the instances where the abductee can only remember fuzzy images and no detail? (Again I’ve looked on the net and can’t find any examples of abductees remembering only fuzzy images ‘cos their “blind as a bat”.

Any short-sighted or blind abductees on ATS?

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