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Saw a weird sight this morning, and thought..

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 03:45 AM
I was travelling to work this morning on my usual commute, I was riding my motorcycle , with the wife riding pillion, just pootling past Tooting Bec common ( in London).
When for some reason I glanced up at the clouds , and saw in a large break a fast moving object.
At first I thought 'it's a plane' but then I thought it's moving way too fast .
It was very high up but from the ground you can't really gain a perspective, It had a very short contrail.
In fact I couldn't barely even see the object making the contrail, it was very tiny, Like a plane cruising at 30k feet +. those I can see from the ground. But I thought it was way too fast for that even with the Gulf stream behind , and the clouds moving in a breeze don't account for the spped it may have been travelling at..
Then I had a thought about previous posts on here (being the hopeful I am) I thought if 'aliens' are watching us and /or are connected by a psychic link maybe if we all thought at the time of day, or on a particular day just gave occasionaly thoughts about wanting to make contact.
I was thinking about alien contact when I saw this object so maybe I'm fishing here and it WAS just a high altitude plane witha very strong tailwind.
I have heard stories about things like a lack of rain and everyone prays or hopes for rain then suddenly theres a downpour. Maybe if all us believers said on a particular day wel'll ALL think about meeting and alien or at least communicating with them. maybe they'd hear us?.
Or if in reply to a post earlier about disclosure millions of us bombard the Governments with requests for reports on UFO's in relation to the Freedom Of Information Acts they might take notice ( long shot I know:lol
So i'd recommend the 18th Jan 2009 at the day eveyone 'think's prays or hopes to make contact ( its my birthday).....
Would you do it ? would you give one thought or think about it all day?
Or just go on with your normal day?


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