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A Change of Season

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posted on Jul, 25 2008 @ 02:36 AM
Throughout the course of Human Time,
Not once has man been in control.
A lifetime after lifetime spent
Performing our predestined roles.

If Heaven shifts and changes come,
What shall be swept, what shall remain?
Both man and other lives bear hope
While Heaven's Law treats each the same.

The evil ones withdraw in haste,
Unable to preserve their lives,
While those deceived bewildered stare--
What goal achieved by endless strife?

A pyramid of secrets kept,
A certain few to share between,
Not knowing even higher ones
Arranged and scripted every scene.

Each life a truly precious being
Given chances many times,
Yet some made drunk by carnal power
Know not what fate before them lies.

A change of season ushered in,
All eyes now see the world anew,
And those awakened play new roles
With better deeds to carry through.


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