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Definition of a Dreamer

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posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 05:39 PM
dream·er (drmr)
1. One that dreams.

a. A visionary.

2. A habitually impractical person.

The cold bitter wind was slowly inching up her thick skirt, as she constantly pulled it down, hoping it wouldn't fly up too high. It wasn't supposed to be this windy today, then again, it was September.

Anna was sitting outside the front windows of the deli, across the street from her highschool, She had just gotten out of class, was experimenting with charcoal, and attempting-

december dreams wrapped in springtime reverie-

-to finish up a story she had been working on for several weeks. It dealt with the Romeo-and-Juliet set up, which Anna had been hopelessly been attempting to escape from. But no matter, the story had to be fini-

these are my fears, dangling form the upmost strings, just staring wide eyed at your hand holding the scissorcs, just waiting for the snap-

-shed, because no story was ever complete until it was read.

That was Anna's philosophy.

She was sturggling with the charcoal, and had smears of it all over her pale skin. her haird kept blowing in her face, but she knew that was no excuse for mediocre work. But no matter, no one would see this piece anyway. Well, no one except a man approaching her from around the corner.

"Hey! You like art or something?"

He was very tall, seemed to be in his mid-twnties, and obivously a wannabe hippie. Glasses, shaggy hair, and a goofy smile made Anna feel comfortable, yet at the same time, extrememly confused.

"Yeah..." she said with a smile and blushing cheeks.

"Sweet, ya know, I've got some nice Escher prints in my car if you want to take alook, real cheap!"

How did he know that Escher was her favorite? This felt like a conversation in the New York scene, or in her old alley back in Florida and California. Not something out of this no name town.

"nah, I don't have any money. I'm broke."

Anna and the man, who intorduced himself as James, talked for a few minutes about her charcoal, and she gave him two pieces. They exchanged goodbyes and he departed, but not without returning 5 minutes later with 5 dollars for each piece, a word of good luck, and a kiss.

"No good deed should go unrewarded."

He drove off in his car, showing the pieces to his friends, while Anna sat on the curb outside Subway in disbelief. He was completely impractical in every way.

A stranger had just come up...and...just-

I hope that time is never the river that forms between us, because I've forgotten how to swim-

-just kissed her.

For being a dreamer.

And she slowly thought to herself,

I could get used to this...

and I could do this for the rest of my life

and my dreams will never again be suffocated within my absent memory

I can celebrate them

and show them life.

The cold bitter wind was slowly inching up her thick skirt, as she constantly pulled it down, hoping it wouldn't fly up too high. It wasn't supposed to be this windy today.

She still had that 5 dollar bill in her pocket. She still had his name written down in her notebook.

James was completely impractical in every way.

She wrote that down in her notebook too.

And staring outside the deli wall across from her old highscool 10 years later, she smiled at her most beloved work,

"dream·er (drmr)
1. One that dreams.

a. A visionary.
b. An idealist.

2. A habitually impractical person. "

I want to be considered impractical, if that's what it takes to change the world.

She never got any money for that piece.

And it was powerwashed off in 2 months.

But they never knew that she had etched words into the corner brick. Words that read-

Thank you sweet September, for carrying my visions in the wind, and carrying an impractical to me.

-something completely impractical.

[Edited on 3-11-04 by Scat]

posted on Mar, 11 2004 @ 06:10 PM

does anyone see the word "sweet" bolded on their screen? anytime i type the word "sweet" on ats, it comes up bolded!!!!!!

is it like this on anyone elses screen? its driving me crazy!


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