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TA-ATTACKS: Terrorist Rail Bombings in Madrid, Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility, Threatens US Attacks

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posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 07:05 PM
they found annother (unexploded) remote (mobile phone) detonated bomb, they are saying the explosives are the same as ETA, but the detonators are not.

posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 09:10 PM
ETA-Al Quaeda link dating back to October 2001?

Heres a news report from back then:

The Basque terrorist organization ETA and bin Laden's al-Qaeda cells have joined forces. Their shared goal: to organize and carry out an attack on the EU meeting scheduled for March 2002 in Barcelona, according to two Spanish publications, Tiempo and El Mundo.

According to the reports, which have been confirmed by Italian and French media, representatives of the two terrorist organizations have already met together three times in Brussels in December 2000; in Malaga, Spain in February 2001; and in Barcelona last July.

According to the European reports, the terrorists have planned a suicide attack on the meeting that would entail the use of five car bombs provided by ETA, and delivered by five al-Qaeda suicide drivers. European authorities consider this news credible, and have disclosed that Mohammed Atta--one of the terrorists responsible for the early September attack on the World Trade Center--may have also attended the July meeting between ETA and al-Qaeda in Barcelona.

posted on Mar, 12 2004 @ 10:04 PM
A lot of re-iteration in this article, but for one bit of info.
This is regarding the type of explosive used (Goma 2) and ETA's use of it.
It also has some more information on the type of bombs used based on the discovery of an unexploded bomb earlier today.

NY Times

... another Spanish antiterrorism official said Goma 2, a gelatinous, nitroglycerin-based explosive that is typically used in mining, has been linked to ETA only rarely since the Spanish authorities began to tightly guard supplies of it in the 1980's.
After those controls were imposed, ETA began to depend mainly on explosives stolen abroad, particularly in France and Germany, including a huge cache of a dynamite-like explosive known as titadine, the official said.

Important points:
-The bombs had cellphones as triggers
-The bombs had shrapnel to increase damage
-The detonators found in the myserious white van were of the same type used in the bombs
-ETA continues to deny involvement

Just some food for thought.


posted on Mar, 13 2004 @ 05:33 AM
the official death toll is now at 200

i hope they havent ruled out involvement from BOTH al qaeda AND ETA.

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