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Banks Butt Bumping

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posted on Jul, 20 2008 @ 03:59 PM
Ok, I will admit that I'm one poor mofo! I was making money with Google adsense so I needed a Bank account so I opened one at WellsFargo.

Three years later I'm not using Adsense I'm doing other things so with that said, my checking account has been fine with very little money in it all the time. I average $20.00.

I get paid on the first and it goes in the bank and instantly gets drawn out for my bills. I had a recurring Auto Insurance bill of $36.00 dollars on the 7th of the month. I don't have my vehicle anymore so on the third of this month I walked into my Insurance company and canceled my Insurance. I asked the Agent if I was going to be billed or not and she said that I wouldn't, that the cancelation be take effect instantly.

I had about $33.00 on the 7th and the Auto Insurance still billed me the $36.00. That overdrawn me by $3.00 so my bank account was -$3.00. I check my account every other day online just to be safe and noticed this on the 9th of this month. I had ten bucks in my pocket for the rest of the month. On the 10th I walked into the bank and deposited $5.00 to make the account +$2.00. I'm thinking everything is good because the teller told me that I was at 2.00 in my account.

I checked my account yesterday and I'm at -52.00 and recurring overdraft fee of five dollars a day until paid. That means I won't be able to pay anything until the first and it will be at $125.00 and counting then.

Ok, this is the B.S. part. I walked away being told that my account was in the clear and then a few days later I have a $25.00 overdraft fee that wasn't there listed as the date of the 9th. If you carefully look at the records it shows -3.00 one day and then the next -25.00 fee and then the day after that I deposited 5 dollars. Obviously the 25.00 fee wasn't listed there when I deposited 5 bucks to clear the -3.00.

It is clear to me that my account was flagged because it over drafted and they decided to jump at the chance to manipulate the situation in their favor by adding a -25.00 in between the dates of me over drafting and covering the problem with the deposit.

With banks they are never in the wrong and they think you will have to pay what ever they bill you. I told them that I'm so poor I don't care about my credit, I'm going to abandon the account!

What aholes to do that. They know you don't have any money to cover it so there is their chance to manipulate the account and rack up some fees. I've gone over and cover before with no problem and it would of been one thing that I didn't catch it on time and saw the -25.00 fee along with the -3.00 over draft, but it clearly was not there when I walked in and paid the 5 bucks. Even the teller told me I was back to +2.00.

As soon as you go over that's their chance to bump you in the butt!

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