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California E-Voting Showing > 100% turn out in some areas

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posted on Mar, 10 2004 @ 09:16 AM
Yahoo news article

I am a computer programmer, and I can tell you that all the problems we are seeing with electronic voting are not accidental. There is no way a software or hardware company would experience the "bugs" we are seeing.

The glitches we are seeing are so basic to a program, it is outrageous. Junior High students could write better code.

Aside from the glitches that we see arrising from the current E-Voting machines as designed, there are much better designs that we provide a workable, safe, and consistent solution. Such as:

  1. Software and hardware that is absolutely consistent for all machines. No patches applied to some and not others.
  2. Paper audit trail. Even though the voting and tabulation is done electronically, paper printouts happen in real time so that they can be checked in there is a question.
  3. Tamper proof machines. You can't just open a machine. You would have to break a seal, use a key, have witnesses, use a control sheet like the military does for classified documents.
  4. Any machine that appears to be operating out of normal parameters is removed, locked down, and investigated as to why it is wokring different from all the other machines. It does not go back as being used in that election.

The computer industry has totally come up with ways to do E-Voting that would be acceptable, but none of the E-Voting companies are listening.

What we are seeing are not bugs or glitches or errors. They are intentionally created problems. They think that the populace will believe that these are complex machines that are difficult for elections officers to use, and that they will eventually get all the bugs worked out. It's a lie.

I wonder why they choose to have the "bugs" they do. Why have some districts have problems but not others? Why do the worst errors seem to occur in races that have wide margins?

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