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What seperates Obama and Clinton

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:04 PM
I'm relatively new to the the site and I must say I find it interesting. The reason why I'm starting this thread and it most likely will die off quickly but its because of the Anti Obama threads I see out there.

Really, What is so wrong about him. I am a HUGE Dr. Ron Paul supporter and never really got into his views but from what I heard they are very similar to that of Hilary Clinton. Am I wrong? Is there a huge difference between them. Can you help me out to see these difference. If there isn't much of a difference, why the obvious blatant attack on him that I didn't see for Hilary.

I'm sorry but I just don't understand why. Is this the way you treat other presidential contenders or is it something about Obama. I would really like to know what separates the two before I can draw my conclusions on those that in my opinion are fiercely attacking obama as if this was a full time job.

Honestly I really want to know what it is about him that you hate so much.

Ps. Your Vote counts. Write in Dr. Paul if you have to.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Hillary was smart enough to change the system by working with it. The Clintons always have played that way.

Paul is too severe and is asking to get attacked, in my opinion. He runs to make a statement not to win, his demeanour makes this obvious.

There are those who criticise Obama simply because the man is indeed loaded with questionable points. It all depends whether in your passions you feel hope and faith requires a suspension of critical thinking. I do not.

There are also those who will attempt to explain away everything Obama does by writing blank checks of conjecture. To me, this only reveals weakness.

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