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Who are the Latecomers????

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:31 AM
I've been noticing a trend here lately. I am not endorsing this as an official ATS bashing thread... but you have to wonder either one of two possibilities...

There will be a page or two of people who can see behind the smoke and mirrors of an event, because the numbers of people waking up every day is staggering, and there's more of them on here then the debunkers.... and then, as if they have been observing to see the reaction of the posters so far, all of the sudden you get like five guys in a row saying "I think that's great that DARPA/USA/corporation of choice did this! Neato! Yay!" or "You're all paranoid! Get a life! Take Medication!" or something like that. All of the sudden, ya know? It's almost pathetic, in a way.

Every frickin' thread I read lately is like that!

Has anyone else noticed that pattern? A lot of threads lately will be at total peace and great discussion, and then in the middle of page two, in come the trolls like they are all waiting in the same line and finally the alarm goes off, the door opens, and the order from above comes in: "Go! Go! Go!" and they all rush in and mindlessly disagree... like it's their JOB or something.

I'm sure people will act offended, but this is a very suspicious pattern as of late, and with my enlightenment and sight of many others becoming enlightened as well, the debunkers and skeptics are seeming more and more desperate. I can understand why if you're just a normal dude with a mundane view of things, but the weird patterns lately just make a lot of the trolls and habitual debunkers seem suspect to me.

Ultimately, it all serves its purpose under the sun, but just to humor my waining ego...does ANYONE else see this?

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:42 AM
I've noticed it. It's a few disinformation agents with multiple accounts mixed in with your common or garden troll that just wants to feed off people's emotional reactions, I suspect. Nothing I haven't seen happen on far less controversial forums over far more trivial threads though.

But the truth of what is happening in this world, with this global fascist powergrab by the same people that gave you such movies as WW ans it's sequel WW2, has been dragged into the light by the information age, which imo jumped them a bit faster than they were expecting. Whatever happens from now on should not be a surprise to anyone who is aware that most humans can and do lie and a few are totally self absorbed and motivated.

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posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 05:53 AM
Oh I know they are here. Why wouldn't they be? There's some top notch minds here to contest. Lots of them, more and more of them showing their brilliance day by day, more and more of the sleeping in the dark being imbued with the light of truth... and there is fear unlike none other, because there's nothing that the opposing force can do about it, short of wiping out everyone, including themselves.

They might be able to buy some time, but they can't buy infinity!


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