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The Intelligence Community

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 08:48 PM
Here is what you wanted to know about the members of the intelligence community. I have been working on this for work and thought I would share with ATS.

Side-Note: None of the information in here is classified information.

Week 1 – Introduction to Intelligence

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

The main goal of the DNI is to protect American lives via intelligence. Their main duties come from the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act, which include but not limited to: making sure the President is advised on intelligence, create a budget for the National Intelligence Program, and make sure intelligence is analyzed coming from all sources.

There are also six areas of focus within the DNI which include:
• Iran
• North Korea
• Cuba/Venezuela
• Counter Terrorism
• Counter Proliferation
• Counterintelligence

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA was established in 1947 by the National Security Act. The main mission of the CIA is to support the President, the National Security Council, and analysis on national security policy. The CIA also works closely with other members of the intelligence community. The CIA is organized into four mission components called Directorates which include:

• The National Clandestine Service – Obtains intelligence that is not obtainable by other means.
• The Directorate of Intelligence – supports policy-makers with comprehensive intelligence.
• The Directorate of Science & Technology – exploit critical intelligence via science and technology.
• The Directorate of Support – Provides mission critical support to the National Clandestine Service.

Defense Intelligence Agency

Established on October 1, 1961, the DIA produces major foreign intelligence to the Dept. of Defense. The DIA mission is to provide timely, objective, all-source military intelligence to policy makers, to U.S. armed forces around the world, and to the U.S. acquisition community and force planners to counter a variety of threats and challenges across the spectrum of conflict.
The DIA currently employs 8,000 military and civilian personnel located around the world.

In a time of crisis, the DIA will also deploy members to assist with military forces. The DIA also manages various national and DoD activities related to MASINT, which is information coming from technical resources. Also, the DIA serves as the executive agent for the U.S. Intelligence Community POW/MIA analytic cell.

Dept. of Energy Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

The (IN)’s core mission is to:

• Defend the DOE complex from foreign penetration;
• Gauge the worldwide threat of nuclear terrorism;
• Help counter the spread of nuclear technologies, materials, and expertise;
• Enrich intelligence community access to information in DOE core areas, particularly with respect to energy
• Evaluate emerging foreign technology threats to U.S. economic and military interests.

DOE’s intelligence program came about during the Manhattan Project. It was originally intended for the analysis of the Soviet Union’s atomic program. They now also focus on nuclear terrorism in this new era.

Dept. of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis

DHS intelligence focuses on five areas:
• improving the quality and quantity of its analysis
• integrating the intelligence elements of the Department
• sharing threat information and assessments with state and local governments and the private sector
• ensuring DHS is an effective member of the national Intelligence Community and strengthening relations with Congress

DHS Intelligence analysts not only track terrorists and their networks but also assess threats to U.S. critical infrastructures, bio- and nuclear terrorism, pandemic diseases, threats to our borders (air, land, and sea), and radicalization within U.S. society. DHS is also trying to implement intelligence officers in fusion centers around the country.

Dept. of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research

The INR provides the Secretary of State with real-time intelligence from around the world. It serves as the main point of contact within the Dept. of State on all activities regarding the intelligence community. They provide daily briefings to the Secretary of State and other officials. The INR also develops intelligence policy for the department of State. They also administer a grant in which it funds academic research in Russian, Eurasian, and East European studies.

Dept. of the Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis

The OIA deals in foreign intelligence and foreign counterintelligence information related to the Dept. of Treasury. Their main goals include:

• Support the formulation of policy and execution of Treasury authorities by providing expert analysis and intelligence production on financial and other support networks for terrorist groups, proliferators, and other key national security threats.
• Provide timely, accurate and focused intelligence support to the Department on the full range of economic, political, and security issues.
• Establish Treasury as a fully integrated member of the IC.
• Coordinate and oversee intelligence throughout the Department, including OFACʼs and Fin-CENʼs intelligence analysis.
• Invest in people and Information Technology.

Drug Enforcement Administration Office of National Security Intelligence

The DEA/NN provides drug-related intelligence to the Intelligence Community. The DEA/NN deals mostly in:
• narcotics trafficking
• human smuggling/trafficking
• immigration crimes
• global terrorism

Federal Bureau of Investigation National Security Branch

Since 9/11 the main priority of the FBI is preventing future attacks on American soil. The main goals of the FBI are to:

• protect the United States from terrorist attack
• protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage
• protect the United States against cyber based attacks and high-technology crimes.

In 2005, the President directed the FBI to create a “National Security Service” within the FBI. The NSB consists of:

• Counterterriosm Division
• Counterintelligence Division
• Directorate of Intelligence

The FBI has 56 field offices located in major cities throughout the United States and over 400 resident agencies in smaller cities across the nation. Also, the FBI has over 50 international offices in Embassies around the world.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The NGA provides timely and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security objectives. Geospatial intelligence is the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial information about activities on Earth. NGA motto is “Know the Earth…Show the Way”.
National Reconnaissance Office

The NRO was established in 1961 as a classified agency of the DoD. The NRO and its mission were declassified in 1992. The NRO is like the eyes and ears of space for the nation. The NRO develops and operates unique and innovate overhead reconnaissance systems. Their organizational goals are to:

• Be a foundation for global situational awareness
• Provide intelligence on timelines that are responsive to user needs.

National Security Agency

The NSA is the nation’s cryptologic organization that coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized to produce foreign intelligence and to protect U.S. information systems. The NSA has two main goals:

• Signals Intelligence
• Information Assurance

The NSA has also led the way in computer storage devices, quantum computing, and semiconductor technology.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 08:50 PM
United States Air Force

The Air Force provides aerial reconnaissance and surveillance in every conflict since its establishment as a separate service in 1947. Air force ISR resources are embedded into each air component down to the wing and squadron levels. Also, the Air Force plays a major part in intelligence gathered from space platforms. The ISR assets include:
• U-2
• RC-135
• Global Hawk
• Predator
• Senior Scout
• Theater AiAirborne Reconnaissance System (TARS)
• Scathe View
• AF Distributed Common Ground System

United States Army

The Army Intelligence Campaign Plan drives MI transformation efforts to increase full-spectrum operational capacity at the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) level, and provides fused, all-source “actionable” intelligence along tactically useful timelines, to Soldiers and Commanders
at all levels. The four major components of Army intelligence include:

• Increasing Military Intelligence (MI) capacity and skills balance
• Enabling distributed access to an all-source, “Flat” Integrated Network
• Revitalizing Army Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
• Increasing Intelligence readiness

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:12 PM
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