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Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen: Vick Files for Bankruptcy

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 02:18 PM
Michael Vick Files for Bankruptcy.

The once rising young star, with everything to look forward to, now says he owes between $10 and $50 million to creditors. Talk about a costly mistake.

The suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback hopes he “can, after the conclusion of the bankruptcy case, rebuild his life on a personal and spiritual level, resurrect his image as a public figure, and resolve matters with the NFL such that he can resume his career,” according to the filings.

Does anyone think he'll make it back to the NFL? If he does, will he be any good?

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 07:27 PM
I hope his "spiritual" building includes building empathy towards other living creatures.
Other than that, this couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Glad to see those letters I wrote to Atlanta Falcons and Nike continue to pay off.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 05:36 AM
This guy was a thug, and every other word you want to put in there.

This dude was a bad dude, not someone you want your daughter dating...

Are you surpised that this guy is WAY into Debt now??? So far into debt, he doesnt even know how far???

From the Day this guy came into the League, i have called him what he is, and i am only sorry that dogs had to die, to let everyone see him for what he is.

I think he is like 6 months into an 18-months sentence... so, as soon as he is out of JAIL, then he has to be reinstated to the NFL... in my opionion, i think that he should be suspended for TWO days for every DAY he spent in Jail, AT THE LEAST. So, that means that Vick will have missed TWO seasons while in Jail, and then sit out ANOTHER 3 becuase of susspention...

So, if he is pulling like an Adam Sandler, 'Longest Yard', football team in jail, mabye a few years down the road, a team takes a chance on him... realisticly, this dude isnt going to be the same Physicaly, AND NEVER mentaly, and his imaiage is destroyed...

I mean, this is a guy that went from the Cover of Madden, to the Cover of JailHouse weekly... Look at his brother too, ending up in the same place, he was just arrested for Driving Drunk, evading police, while on Probation, and a few other Charges...

I mean, Vick was a VERY Unique talent, not a good QB, not even Average, but the guy could make plays... he probalty was never used right in the Pros, people always wanted him to be a passer, he couldnt throw the ball acuratly 5 yards... The Last couple years Vick played, INHO, he shouldnt have even been STARTING... His Backup was WAY better then him, as evidenced when Matt Shwab was traded to Houstan, and beat Vicks Carrer highs in pass com %, TD's Thrown, and Yards. ATL made a huge mistake by not starting Shwab, then they traded him for a 2nd round pick, then a week later, Vick gets busted, and... here we are ATL stinks... and Vick is where he belongs...


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