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Did I see Ghosts ?

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:42 AM
This is my first post anywhere on ATS and I would like to tell my story.
I have had three strange experiences, well 4 if you count meeting my mother in law, in my life and I will start with the first.

When I was a child I lived close to a small wood. As kids in our neighbourhood during the summer months we would often camp in this wood as it was close by our houses, and then the dangers were much less than today (early 1970's)

Because this area was close to our homes we would often get up early whilst camping, to steal the milk, eggs, cheese etc that the milkman would deliver to the homes, and feast on these for breakfast.

I took a turn one morning to carry out the milk raid (about 5.30am) and duly filled my boots. On the way back and entering the woods with the booty, I had walked about fifty yards in and suddenly noticed a line of men in black hooded cloaks coming toward me.

I was not one bit afraid, and as they past the last one turned looked at me and smiled. I cannot recall seeing the faces of the others, he was young as I recall (albeit this was around 39 years ago) As quick as I saw them they vanished.

Funny that I can never remember talking about it, until it suddenly came to mind the other day and I mentioned it to my wife.

I can not help feeling these men were monks, yet we lived nowhere near any abbey or religeous establishment.

As I said I was not one bit afraid, yet would probably get the spooks if it happened again, and indeed I have had two further experiences with entities in my adult life. One which scared the hell out of me.

Why should this event suddenly come to mind after all these years?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 07:06 AM
I believe what you're referring to are repressed memories. Children who experience traumatic experiences often "forget" all about them, until later in life. This is a defense mechanism our brain utilizes to deal with situations our young, growing minds can't comprehend.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 08:24 AM
I agree however I cant say my experience was traumatic however this one was.
At sixteen I joined the British Army, eventually serving for 18 years. Whilst in training we were sent to Salisbury Plain, for a three day exercise.
I was detailed into a six man fighting patrol, the intention being find the enemy and cause as much disruption as possible.

On the third and final day whilst on a night patrol we decided to rest up in a small copse. (wood) In order to sleep we decided that two of us would remain on sentry whilst the other four slept, and swap at two hour intervals. (we wern't supposed to sleep at all but were always up for a scam)

When it came my turn to man the GPMG (General purpose machine gun or gympy) my colleague decided he would sleep for one hour, and and then swap with me which I accepted.

After about forty minutes (approx 1am in the morning) I was starting to doze my friend sound asleep at my side. I rember looking down at my watch trying to make out the time as it was a moonless night.

As I looked up there was an outline of a face no more than a foot from mine. The only thing I could make out was its eyes piercing blue. I felt a pressure on my head as if a hand was on top of it. I was rooted to the spot terrified. I could not rouse my friend due to fear, and although I had the gun could not let off a round (they were blanks) I had screwed shut my eyes, and thought my heart was going to burst.

I wanted to scream but my mouth would not work. I was willing it to go away, and opened my eyes to see this face still looking at me.

Once more I shut my eyes, and as soon as I did it was gone. Boy did I open up on that gun, probably waking up half of Wiltshire. My friend went from a prone to upright position in milliseconds, along with the rest of the guys, who took up defensive positions.

My excuse was that I had seen a supposed enemy patrol (how could I tell them the truth I would have been ridiculed)

They kept saying I looked like I'd seen a ghost, and I admit I was shaking like a leaf. I feigned illness and said I thought i had flu coming on.

I dont know what I saw that night and never want to experience that again.
ever since I get spooked when i'm alone, and sometimes feel theres someone behind me. I often think I see things out of the corner of my eye
but put it down to my imagination.

I am sure of one thing what I saw that night was not imaginary.

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 11:19 PM

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