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Is my meditation ability being blocked by outside forces?

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:52 PM
I've been attempting meditation for about two years now.

The first half a year or so went really well. I figured out my own method that seemed to work, and even got so far into it, that I went out of body twice.

Ever since shortly after the OBEs, in which I took a trip around some brilliant crystal planets the first time, and the second time, I went to Mars and discovered giant black pyramids.... I have not been able to get evenly back into that flow at all. What I saw was something tangible, because I've had several people comment that they've seen the same thing in visions of theirs.

My meditation, as well as my average life, has since then been bombarded by strange pains, twitches, pokes, jabs, pulls, horrible migraines, and horrible tones in my ears from an unknown source... and it is very hard to meditate, when as soon as I get into that mode, all of that stuff starts, and sometimes I get jabbed so hard that I almost fall off what I'm siting on, like someone pushed me . It feels like there's an invisible someone trying to distract me by poking me with invisible sharp things.

I stlll manage every now and then to gain some little insight unto which I contemplate further during the next few days and exand upon while fully conscious... but I can't get back to where I once was right now.

What I believe is doing this are these "invisible" beings that live in my house. I say invisible, but you can see the smoky, often humanoid outline sometimes. Several people related to me have seen them, as well. It's just hard to tell how close they can get because it becomes harder to focus when it's up close, but you can feel them there.

I've tried a few things to get rid of them... but with meditation, it's hard to do any visualization work when this is happening to me, and I need another way to get rid of these whatevers because they are literally killing me slowly. It's not just my head. It's my whole body. They do these things to my whole body, and nobody will understand. Even the people who've seen them act like I'm crazy when I say they are hurting me.

I don't even know if it's them even. They are around, though... and the pains and ear screeches and pokings, sometimes even slight shoving sensations, they seem like they come from something intelligent, because it's always at the most inconvenient times, or when I have certain thoughts, and especially during meditation. I don't know what to do because even the people who've experienced strange things with me refuse to believe... only one friend who thinks he is a reincarnated shaman believes me... but he has no idea what to do. Good job remembering, ex-shaman.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 05:52 PM
Have you considered the fact that you may be suffering from bad circulation after all that "sitting around"?

Not joking, it's amazing what the body and mind can do when in conflict with itself.

Have you considered keeping a written record of your meditation and "incident" patterns?

Don't cross your legs.

Meditate outdoors.

If all else fails, get a fly swatter.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 06:00 PM
Mentally and out loud tell them to take a hike and to stop bothering you.

I have a little nuisance in my house that likes to turn my nightstand lamp on/off. If I get irritated and say "bugger off," that usually works. (Well I say much ruder words but had to clean it up for ATS. hehe)

Another thing is to mentally imagine an impenetrable shield around you, that nothing can get in unless you allow it. Imagine it made out of whatever material or energy you like.

Try that out and come back to let us know.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 06:01 PM
I had a problem like this too last year...caused me no end of disasters, but maybe mine had a different purpose. I had entities near me that were causing problems for other people on my behalf, but now that the dust has started to settle, I've found that they have done me an immense favour. I will spare you all the details, but maybe what seems maelevolent is the exact opposite...are you doing too much, and they need to shut you down for a while? Spiritual evolution isn't a smooth ride, but full of stops and starts, and backwards slides for a bit.

Other than that, all I can suggest is more protection meditations for a bit, really thorough cleansing of the body and smudging the house and yourself, salt baths, the works. Use crystals charged properly to grid your house and sacred space...I'm sure you know this, but sometimes we forget, and if all else fails, a Kali ritual will always clear out what you don't want, but this is not to be taken lightly...



posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Well the most honest answer is: Yes with a But, No with an If.
If you are attentive to the outside then yes, if you are attentive to no thing then there is no thing to block you. It's really all about how much you are willing to give up.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 07:18 PM
Schrodinger, I almost put up the same avatar as yours and at the last second decided on this one.
Anyway, I have problems on and off with meditation and have gotten quite paranoid about it. It used to go so smoothly and I had the most pleasurable times of my life. Now, cramps, falling asleep, pain, racing thoughts, getting too hot, too cold, etc.
I can't say what is causing it, but I can certainly offer you my sympathies. I have tried all kinds of protection methods and am hoping that the answer will come as to what is causing this.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 11:09 PM
Here is the response I promised.

I'm sure this response will make me seem more 'off my rocker' than usual. But hey, no fun in being the accepted form of "normal".

I'm going to speak in absolute terms here because it's just easier to converse that way. Don't take that as me proclaiming any of this to be absolutely true. It's up to each of us to find the truth ourselves.

What you need here is a NAR. Negative Astral Repellent. The only NAR you have available is You.

What you have done is got their attention. You exceeded the bounds. And they are not about to allow that to happen again. They will bring to bear whatever means available to ensure you don't go snooping around in the astral again.

From what you have stated they have succeeded. So at this point it's just a game. And you're the target. If you continue to give a fear-based reaction to the poking and such they will continue to do it. Doesn't have to necessarily be fear either. Could be annoyance, hate, anger, defeat, etc.

The main NAR is love. I don't like to use that word because it means different things to different people. For me, love is a combination of allowance, understanding, and appreciation. So these things come around you put your focus on them. Then you just feel this soft warm glow, grow from your solar plexus. And you just basically attempt to give them a big old astral hug. The reaction to this is fairly equivalent to holding a cat over a pool of water.

What you want to do is change your energy field so they can't stand to be around you. As long as you leak negative emotions all over, and now that you painted yourself a target, they will stay around bugging you.

You can mentally spin your energy field clockwise as a meditation exercise. You can visualize your spirit lighting up your entire being. But really it comes down to your default nature and what emotional states you most often project.

The sound parts of the experience sound like technology. Unfortunately, I have not figured out a way to nullify their technology yet.

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 01:40 AM
Omni, yeah the sounds often sound mechanized or computerized, like suddenly my left eardrum has been transported to a server room or something, along with clicks, sweeps, beeps, tweets, and sometimes even demonic sounding screeches that last forever it seems. None of it frightens me. I'm quite used to it by now. I shall practice some of those techniques mentioned here... and I have a theosophical society nearby. Maybe they could point me in a direction, if all else fails.

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 01:47 AM
Actually, a kind of funny story today.

I was meditating outside, and I got to a point where there was this image of Jesus hanging on the cross, surrounded in brilliant colored light (I'm not a Christian, but my experiences of late have shown me that Jesus was the real deal. His true wisdom was lost with the slaughter of the gnostics)... but that's not the funny part.

After what seemed like 5 minutes of that brilliantly beautiful image... all of the sudden, a matchbox 20 song started playing in my head... and I CAN'T STAND Matchbox 20. I never have their songs stuck in my head ever! It wouldn't go away no matter how much I let go. It was SO annoying!

I guess Rob Thomas has something against me. Haha.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 01:53 AM

At first i thought to answer with "Probably, yes", but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Your meditation ability may be influenced by outside forces, but ultimately it's you who has the power to do it or not.

Most likely, your thoughts are manifesting themselves as physical stimulations, which would give you the feeling of being "pushed" as it were.

I find often when meditating over something, if a negative thought reaches me, then that negative thought is magnified many times over by my own mind.

You have to be able to see through the swarm of emotions and feelings, if you wish for clarity.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by Anti-Tyrant

At first i thought to answer with "Probably, yes", but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Your meditation ability may be influenced by outside forces, but ultimately it's you who has the power to do it or not.

Most likely, your thoughts are manifesting themselves as physical stimulations, which would give you the feeling of being "pushed" as it were.

I find often when meditating over something, if a negative thought reaches me, then that negative thought is magnified many times over by my own mind.

You have to be able to see through the swarm of emotions and feelings, if you wish for clarity.

Yes, I understand that completely... but for the sake of I dunno I guess making myself clear, I'm presenting these things as separate things. I mean, hell I'd only need one word if I were to actually describe everything the way I see it.

Everything is a part of me... but I understand that I don't know everything right now in this state... so I refer to it as out there

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 03:17 AM
A bit off topic, but this my topic, so
.... but I often see people interacting and using different words to communcate themselves, and I picture them instead just going "people people people people people people people".... kind of like that scene in Being John Malkovich, where he goes into the door to his own head... I never got that part until recently.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 11:55 AM
General advice, if you believe nonphysical beings are around you, the best thing to do is get some (mental) distance between you and 'them' and also very important to realize whatever is happening is nonphysical.

Don't give in to curiousity (you can better analyze 'them' from a safe distance anyway or even better, afterwards when they are completely gone) or depend on what others say about it, you can only interpret what you experience yourself. If those whom you tell do not have similar experiences there is no need to tell them except for trying to appear important or special or some need for confirming your belief. It is better to wait and see about what is happening without jumping to conclusions which are then only affirmed or denied by others. Unless you are certain about what is happening it is better to keep an open mind about it.

I'd also suggest you practice meditations visualizing your lightbody. And maybe your nonphysical domain (just like your physical house) around it which you should learn how to maintain. That way you can learn how to keep any unexpected/unwanted nonphysical beings on the outside. Once you learn how to you can meditate again on the inside of your nonphysical domain. There are quite some meditation exercises for this, especially in buddhism.

So basically if you want to meditate again from now on you'll have to work for it by tediously repeating your visualizations (which can become quite dull after a couple of times). But, you'll get more (mental) control for it back if you do it properly.

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