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UFO's and Aliens

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 06:13 AM

About the discussion relating to UFO sightings, I'm still skeptical about the sightings themselves but do believe in the existence of life beyond the known. Being someone who possesses inside information, it would be hard for you to convince me that the sightings are true. However wouldn't it be just selfish of us to think that us humans are the only living species in the entire universe which contains millions on millions of even larger solar systems than ours? Aliens need not be more intelligent or have bodies like ours. Aliens could even be something as primitive as bacteria that exists on another planet. Even that is classifies as an extra-terrestrial. If you see this issue from the theological pov, it seems to explain a lot that science by itself hasn't been able to.

What if the superior being, God, created the universe in such a way that all different races were placed in such a way that none could ever come in contact with the other. The expanding universe also points to this as evidence. The expansion of the universe is increasing the distance between the different systems. If we take the rate of the expanding universe directly proportional to the tecnological and scientific development, we can see deeper into the plan that prevents us from contact with other beings.

However, if the sightings are true, we can draw the following conclusions;
1> The beings are more intelligent than the human race.
2> Their technological advancement is exponential by many times to ours.
3> That the General and Special Theory of relativity is false.
4> Objects can achieve super-relativistic velocity
5> They have technology that prevents them from being crushed by the force of gravity at those speeds.
6> That they're not interested in colonization or destruction of the earth.
7> They have an incredibly long life span of a couple million years.
8> Or they're really close by but we're just incredibly stupid.

These 'sightings' are just mishaps of the prototype testing carried out by certain research agencies in the US and CERN in Europe, the second which i'm pretty sure about.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm just a theo-scientist. My belief is based purely on facts and certain logical assumptions that are necessary in order to get somewhere.

Best Wishes,

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 06:28 AM
I'm not certain Einstein's General and Special Relativity can be considered "false" under your scenario...... perhaps incomplete would be a better word. For example, Einstein's theorums don't negate Newtonian physics, they augment the total picture. I think that in time humanity will discover concepts that also augment relativity.

If I'm not mistaken, the Einstein-Rosen bridge/wormholes were first theorized and that data published in the early 1930s.

Personally, I think it's probable that the "others" were on Earth before us, perhaps as deep sea dwellers. Another attractive theory is that they come from somewhen rather than somewhere. I have no evidence either way, just interesting to ponder.

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 08:36 AM
I can see what you mean. And you are partially correct. But the incomplete nature of Einstein's Theory of relativity will cause the equation put forward to be no longer applicable. A new equations would have to be formulated. I'm working on the Theory of Hyper-Relativity as we speak, in order to complete and correct what Einstein first started. But the problem that is arising when i try to do this is Einstein's Mass Velocity formula doesn't permit, whatsoever, for velocities beyond the speed of light. Hence i'm having to start from scratch.

Yes, I've heard of those theories as well, having written some of them myself. It could also be that "we" came from somewhere else, rather than we being native to the earth. And the "Somewhen" theory is one of the most popular. This is one of the theories of alien sightings i have written;

Most of us know what a parallel universe is, so i can skip that explanation. Could it be that we, the humans, several years in the future designed a way to travel into the past thru space. What if what we're sighting is not an alien, but just "us" only several years into the future? But this is just a theory like everything else.

I also believe inter galactic travel can be achieved thru rotating Black holes or worm holes. As most of us know, Black holes have their polar opposites, the white holes whose properties, hypothetically, are the exact inverse of a black hole, much like matter and anti-matter. I believe there is a "space" that joins the black hole to the white hole called the hyperspace. Hyperspace is not a place, like it was thought to be before, rather, i'd call it a very short interval of time, in which an enormous distance in the order of several light years is covered with a hyper-relativistic velocity. It is said that time stops at point singularity, and we don't really know what happens then. But in my consideration, what if it never ended there, time stops at singularity, and reverses after it. It could be the basis for time travel as well.


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