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Im confused about Aliens

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 03:47 AM
There are things that start to make me really believe that there aliens out there. I remember when me and my dad were swimming in a pool at midnight on New Years when we saw a light movie very fast through the sky, making no sound and suddenly disappearing. I remember when I had a friend staying over my house, and we were talking when a bright light filled the room. It was so bright that I couldn't see my friend. I look back on that night and I can hardly remember anything, It seemed like a dream.

It I think is dumb to think that out of the possibly trillions of planets out there that there is know other intelligent life. People say that Aliens are visiting our planet, but the only hard evidence ( which is turning out not to be so hard anymore because of certain programs ) are videos. People say that when the planet is on the verge of death, they will come and save us, they say that they are visiting us at the moment, they say they are good, they say they are bad. Who knows and who cares.

I wish that I could meet one. I wish they could take me around the universe, and share there infinite knowledge with me, but it seems to me that this wont happen. I'm just confused, why with so little evidence hard evidence are people believe that they are real, but in the other hand I want them to be real because at the moment life is boring and and I want to learn what they have learnt. Yet it just seems like a fantasy so far. I know that this is probley just a rant, but I want to know what other people think.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 05:15 AM
Yeah me to I want to go with the aliens into space I think you'll find 1000's of people on here who would like that.
I want advancement of the human race to do more important things than just being born going to work as a slave then dying.
I think its fairly clear that us being in our current state is beneficial to the lives of the elite few of this planet, they are like the pharaohs and us the slaves and they like it that way.
They, like us, only get 1 physical life, but the billions of us being under there rule and doing what they want makes it like they have billions of lives.
It makes them feel immortal.
The monetary system, along with there rules and regulations on everyday human basic things, force us to face suffering and death if breaking away from there rule.
200 years ago they would just cut our head right off, so now they have introduced these new measures of control to make it look like they aren't violent psychopathic murderers.

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