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Medical Mary J

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 10:16 PM
I hope i picked the right topic for this discussion but here goes!

Since 1996, Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington have passed laws to let sick people who qualify use marijuana, and now New Mexico. As a card carrying california club member i can say that the bennefits of legalized pot far out wheigh the former methods of shady drug deals and laced product. Its been proven throgh various medical studies that pot has possitive bennefits for arthritis, chrons disease, cancer patients, people with anxiety, glaucoma, and many others. Are we ever going to see a federal legalization????

I would be overjoyed to see the most benneficial illegal drug become legal nation wide, but i just dont see it happening. Especially with the aftermath of our latest administration coming up. I think the ones who live in the legal states can be counted as lucky and the rest of the nation is going to continue suffering.... Texas still carries a 5 year to life sentance just for pot. Thats outrageous.

So i guess the main question to fellow board members is this: with our federal government doing its damndest to restrict our freedoms instead of protect them, will a federal legalization ever come to fruition??? I think the tax money made from selling legal weed alone would take a huge chunk of this nations debt out of the picture.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 10:22 PM

Originally posted by W3RLIED2
Texas still carries a 5 year to life sentance just for pot. Thats outrageous.

yes, tell me about it. i have known a lot of hard working and otherwise law abiding citizens ending up w/ their lives ruined bc they decided to smoke regularly rather than pop the pills they were prescribed (which is, by my own testimony, far more dangerous). in the country that i am at, ya even have an amount for a one time personal use and you could easily see 5 yrs. but even the ones that get "lucky" end up w/ years of probabation and community service, yet the pill popping addiction is running rampant.

so one destroys lives simply bc there are laws against it and the other destroys lives, not bc it is illegal, but bc it is physically addicting and extremely harmful.

just wondering when ppl are going to wake up to the backward way the leaders are running things.

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