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Auric Reality Hacking

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:12 AM

a new way to think about Auric Magick

point one
mind expands out into aura, proved partially by research in bioelectricity and by the effectiveness and demonstrable effects of qigong and yoga.

point two
scientific studies of the brain show that mind is not centrally located in the brain itself but throught the body and especially the nervous system. [apparently even trans-corporally: see above]

'Chaos' and 'Cyber' magick are wrong in asserting that auric magick is another form, albeit baroque of sigil magick. I beleive that it can be used for sigiliform operations, but is far more than sleight of mind.

the Aura/Reiki/Chi/Prana used to heal and so on are materially based, and long distance reiki may be acheived by the 'butterfly effect', in this instance meaning through the interconnectedness of the electromagentic ('EM') field, or bioelectric 'aura' of the earth or even of the universe.

'sleight of mind' parapsychological effects may theoretically be a technology utilizing the subconscious or left brain capacities of connecting to the gestalt of reality for the purpose of influencing events using the Global Bioelectric Aura.

This means that instead of vague 'information' being 'communicated' causing paranormal effects, the communication is from the individual to the environment by bioelectric means.

it would not be as esoteric a notion as willing reality to shift to another parallel universe where the effect has happened future tense, or as outlandish as somehow telling the vague governing chaotic force called 'probability' based on physical laws to 'tilt' in your favour.

We would be influencing very subtly the E.M. factors in a given environment that are directly netwroked to us towards out particular goal.

EM forces can do amazing things, as can the Subconscious, as seen in Remote Viewing and other parapsychological staples.

we know our senses record much more than our conscious minds are given to interpret, is it a stretch to speculate that we may be able to send as well as receive? the electrical impulses going to & from our brain to and from our nerves may not stop at the boundaries of our skin:

we may be able to send electrical impulses through the earth's EM feild to anywhere it extends!

I think the acheivements of remote viewing show we can receive impulses from this feild, so why not send them?

we can implement these ideas with RV for a start. what we will be attempting is an exotic variation of Psychokinesis, with bioelectricity and geoelectricity as a focus.

For example: if we can synch up with the field in remote viewing ('RV') to see inside a box in Bangladesh while sitting in Baltimore
can we use the same channel to cause a recordable spike on an electromagnetic measuring device?

This would be just as verifiable as the paper in the box, only we'd have an electrometer, have an RVer view it, then fire a sigil at it.

or we could skip the RV and just fire sigils at it designed to make the recording device spike at a given time and place?

too much caffeine?

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 11:14 AM
uh, yeah this was supposed to be in philosophy/occulty stuff board.

I had another one that did go.

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