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The rise and decline of truth in the United States.

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 06:54 AM
There used to be a time where people in Washington could be held accountable for what they did. Now they get away with it. Nixon resigned from office because he knew he did something bad, but, Bush almost seems content with his own actions.

First... the big lie... telling us that there was a nuclear threat in Iraq.

Second... taking away our civil liberties in the form of a national security bill. The patriot act enables the government to do illegal spying on its own citizens.

Third... saying that we should go to war with Iran... when they said they aren't making any nuclear weapons... and saying that they are indeed making them.

What happened to truth? What should we do about this decline of truth? Is it time to make the government tell the truth again? We can't wait much longer and we can't certainly wait until the next elections to get the truth from Washington. What should we do?

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 09:24 AM
I'll bite.

The first course of action is


Forums like these are jam-packed with both truths and falsehoods.

The media is professionally packaged propaganda. Don't automatically accept it.

The politicians are directed and scripted in nearly all significant statements by the party which controls them (and the businessmen that control them). - Don't automatically accept them.

Communicate with one another. NEVER stop. Learn NOT to fear the reprisals of the common folk when you tell them the FED is a private bank, or the IRS is a private company. Or that the media is controlled by a handful of people with a common goal to control information.

Don't be afraid to say the things you must say.

Spread the truth everywhere. If you hear someone spreading the truth, commend them, support them, don't let them be silenced.

President Bush demanded we 'not tolerate wild conspiracy theories...' - obeying means that the 'wild' conspiracies will succeed without consequence to the conspirators.

If you have kids, or know youngsters, remind them always that the TV is a drug, that they are being 'told' stuff that's not real. That reality is what we make of it, not what the TV says.

That's just the start. DO NOT LOSE HOPE. It many seem like 'all is lost' but I promise you, on my word, whatever success the wrongdoers of the world enjoy WILL BE TEMPORARY.


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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 12:10 PM
Yes, keep speaking truth to lies. Keep speaking. Tell/email your elected officials that you expect them to be truthful.

Don't answer questions with, I don't recall, etc. as Reagan etal such as AG Gonzales have done

We've become a nation of lawyers, who bring to the table a philosophy of legal nuancing, the "what is the the meaning of is".

So truth appears relative, just beyond our grasp, or hidden at times.

And accountability?
Washington picks on schools and students for accountability, two groups least likely to fight back! This deflects the accountability issue away from politicians. Voting holds them accountable, however, but only if we refuse to believe their lies and ruses.

posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 12:33 PM
If you can convince Americans to start caring we could do something. However, the government has a lot of people on their handout list and those people will never join in for fear of losing those handouts. When 9/11 happened we were all Americans regardless of race. Once 9/11 calmed down we went back to being different races. The government likes us better when we are divided by race. Makes it easier to keep each group pleased. Could you imagine 250,000,000 Americans demanding honesty, less taxes and less waste. Congress would have no choice but to give in. It is really sad that we only unite during disasters. This is why Government is the boss of the people rather than the people being the boss over Government.

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