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WTC wont be done till at least 2012. A slap in the face to every american.

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:22 PM
A article I saw today says that the new WTC complex will not be done till at least 2012 says Silverstein. Meanwhile, the newest tallest building The Burj started three years after the attacks and is set to finish next year it is almost twice as big as our twins. Along with The Dubai Towers(5) set to complete at the same time, all almost as big as our twin towers. Heck, Dubai has built almost a entire city of skyscrapers sense our pride and joy landmark was stolen from us.

Yet Silverstein assures us...

"New Yorkers are entitled to an aggressive, reliable schedule for rebuilding the World Trade Center, backed by absolute accountability from the people responsible for getting the job done". Can you believe that came out of his mouth? Its almost laughable. He built WTC7 almost before the pile was picked up completely, a exact copy of the old WTC7.

Why not just build a exact copy of WTC 1 and 2???

Dont forget the terrorists hated the twin towers we're told, we're told that since 93 they have been trying to take these towers down. When they finally achieve this what do we do...nothing...we let them win again. Its almost as if its another psychological attack on us. Except its being done by a american. Why didnt they just rebuild the towers?.?.Exactly as they looked before, except taller. They could of made the impacted floors the memorials. There could of been memorials all over the site. We could of made them right this time, able to withstand ANY kind of attack on them. It would have been truly american and truly a great thing to behold. Im sure every single one of the victims would of wanted this way. What would it be like to look at our twin towers on our New York skyline again? Unexplainable, I can imagine. Instead we have nothing.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 11:41 PM
The buildings were allowed to be brought down. They ("terrorists") may have been the messenger and the weapon, but our governement was the trigger finger.

As opposed to building them to withstand any attack, why not fix the source of why we get attacked.

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