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Ask BizarroHazard!

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 03:27 PM
Due to the unexpected popularity of this post, BizarroHazard and the Bizarrotron(tm) will now return to solve all of your problems! Ask your questions and I will step into the Bizarrotron(tm) and become BizarroHazard just for you!

*steps into Bizarrotron(tm)*


*steps out of Bizarrotron(tm)*

Hello. Me am BizarroHazard! Me am can help!

You am have problem? Me am can fix!

You am has hard science question? Me am knowing answers!

You am to be having relationship trouble? Me am teach you how to win hearts!

You am being stuck in thread and am not can prove your point? Me am can prove it for you!

You am liking llamas? Me am liking you!

Me can to be answering anything! Me am to be looking forward to you am asking questions!


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