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Where are we going with this war?

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 07:20 AM
Maybe if I ask some questions it'll answer your own questions.
Where are we going with this war?
Are we winning or losing? Why?
Why are we in this war in the first place?

I think we aren't going anywhere. I'm not a person for politics, but I don't remember why we needed to send troops to Iraq.

We're losing the war. The terrorists haven't hurt us physically since 9/11, but even George Bush can tell that our(America's) economy is in the toilet. And gas prices are skyrocketing one day at a time.
We import gas from the Alqieda(spelt wrong) area. Terrorists are obviously in the "With us or against us" mood, so their refusing to give us gas.

And for the last questions, I have no idea.

For the new world order, at this rate I don't think our civilization will survive that long for America to control everything we do.

Reply with your opinions on the war and our economy and such.

(This is my first thread btw, so don't go crazy on me.)

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