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The Truth About Mars

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 04:55 AM
Hi All, I'm an ATS newbie. I promise not to bother you too much...

I'm promoting an open discussion that is taking place in my home town of Leicester, England. If this isn't in your neighborhood, you may want to move on to another thread.

The event is called Skeptics In The Pub. Here is our website -

As you can see, the forthcoming event is a talk entitled The Truth About Mars and will be given by Doug Ellison, a passionate space exploration enthusiast, with a specialism in all things Martian.

The event is on July 15th, at the Rutland And Derby Pub in Leicester's city centre.

As we're entitled Skeptics In The Pub but it is an open discussion, we encourage people with differing beliefs and viewpoints to come and contribute to the discussion. There's no unpleasantness involved, we genuinely want to hear from people who hold specific/contrary beliefs so we can discuss them openly.

So, as you have Mars conspiaracy thoerists here at ATS, it seemed like the perfect place for me to come along and invite anybody in the area along. We're really a very friendly bunch, and even better, the pub has some great guest ales

If you want to ask anything else about SitP, this event or forthcoming ones, I'll try to answer any questions.
As probably a lone skeptic here on this enormous forum, I'l probably not get involved in any online debates right now. Let's save that for the pub, eh?

Thanks all,


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