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ReEducate Yourself, Peace.

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posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:08 AM
The other night I lay there in my bed wide awake because I couldn't get a beautiful image of peace out of my mind, the sad part was while I lay there I told myself this awesome peace would never exist in the world you and I live in, our world, our Earth. After contemplating and laying there for so long I realized I was wrong, peace can exist, it is our Earth, we can take it back.

What we need to do is figure out what it would take to acquire peace, not what exist that makes war. So many things cause mankind to hate and fight, If enough people recognize these things and set out on a common goal to sift them out from society by re-educating not only ourselves but the important people in our lives, our families, our friends, our children, our parents, our teachers, everyone around us. If everybody can tell one person what they believe will help establish a peace then that peace will come into an existence in time. So what do we need to do to establish peace? I'm not going to hog this thread up with my ideas I want to hear yours as well, lets build a peaceful world starting here. Put your idea of what needs to go, or be changed in order to make peace possible.

The very first topic I think we should cover is Religion, should we set a goal to abolish religion? To prove it wrong, or to re-educate those who follow different Gods so they can agree with each other and not fight wars that kill innocent people? How would we do it either way?

My opinion on Religion and making it no longer cause war is to give people something to believe in that doesn't cause them to Hate, because so many religions put hate and discrimination against other peoples of different faiths in people we should find a common ground. It's hard to expect Man to exist with out a reason to live, the reason seems to be after life with all religions a heaven. I believe that all the founders of all the religions simply put the truth of the Universe into their own words, the Universe is alive we are all made up of the same thing, when the LHC comes on in a week we will all see that, hopefully, but anyways all the religions boil down to do good things and good things will come in your afterlife. I believe that the things we do have to make us Happy, when we die our body will decompose and become a part of the Earth, science has proven before we do give off energy, different moods look different, when we do die we can't change that energy because our conscience is gone, but if we die happy our energy is a part of the universe eternally and living in happiness or in sadness is our choice but it can not be changed salvation is a happy feeling thus instantly becoming a powerful positive energy. Many of the great religions are just translations of a living universe only we gave it a name God, it's the same with prayer, Christians and followers of other religions alike have seen miracles happen and they say its the power of God that makes them happen, however it could just as easily be the power of thought. If you honestly believe something will happen in your life its very possible and probable it will, the same as with placebos making you better. The Universe is a powerful being if we can re-educate people and show them theres more than than what the mass of people around them believe and give them the option they may choose it.

So post your ideas on what is needed to make peace, explain them come back read and comment and make others better, then tell someone about it, tell everyone about it, and hopefully someday we can see the bad things in this world dissolve and we can all live with no fear of war.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 02:07 AM
The best source I have read recently, although they are not an easy read, is the "New Paradigm" handbooks. They are three "books" that try to re-educate the human race to achieve peace, personal responsibility and a higher purpose thru the basic laws of the universe and respect for individuals.

You should be able to download them from The Arcadian Society's website.

The first step is to accept personal responsibility, loose the "victim" mentality and become self-empowered. Simplified, if you think the world sucks, then it sucks because either you have focused on, and have allowed, the world to suck, or because you have allowed yourself to become the victim, accepting other people's intentions - that the world sucks - as your own.

Second, you use the basic laws of the universe (Attraction, Intention, Allowance, and Balance) to bring you personal "wealth", be it evolving knowledge, experience or wisdom instead of abuse, ignorance and physical and spiritual poverty.

But, you honor the concept of "Free Will" (you accept the fact that other people have Free Will and may, or may not choose, to do things the same way you do). Or put another way, if a person asks for help, then give it, otherwise do not force your help on them.

And you honor the concept that you can have all of the "wealth" that the universe can give you by utilizing the universal laws but that you can NOT take "wealth" via another individual.

The basic law of attraction is powerful. The "problem" is that you can attract good, or bad, things. The more you wage war on other people, the more likely you are to "attract" the similar experience of being attacked yourself.

What do do? Change your mind and stop your consent to these "negative" actions. Open yourself up to the deceptions that surround you and vow to create a new and better experience for all living on this planet!

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by inspiringyouth

I completely agree. Step number 1 would be the complete abolishment of religion. I believe that the greatest lie humankind ever accepted was the fact that we need religion to help us develop a relationship with our creator.
The problem is, how do we help society to realize their own divinity, without having them put up an immediate block as soon as we seemingly attack their religious beliefs.
But I think that when more people continue to think the way your describing, that mindset will continue to grow.
It is a fact that a single thought can change the world. Only question is how long will it take?

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