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how could people deride the 9/11 conspiracy?

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 12:25 AM
The obvious Conspiracy of 9/11

English isn't my native tongue so i'll try to express me the best i can
I Posted the threat * How couldn't someone believe in this conspiracy? * 4 days ago in a pretty bad english, poor grammar...well, sorry
I'll pay attention to this

I personally found that Loose Change brought some obvious proofs to support their video. For sure, I saw more than Loose change : However, i just don't understaind why there is still some people who completely reject the Conspiracy theory 's

I suppose that Dylan Avery (who written and directed Loose Change) is illogical for many of you. A documentarist , fake and simple as Micheal Moore

On the other hand, if you take few minutes for some research in encyclopaedias, books of science you'll see that the melting point of materials used for the foundations do not correspond to the heat produced by ``possible crash`` landing of plane in
the WTC.
If you get some information about the flight 93, about ``supposed ``terrorists who are still well alive in their own country. Explosion heard in wtc 7 (Mr. Jennings gives a stunning account of explosions inside World Trade Center 7)

The American air fleet which was completely absent there this day!!!
One of the world power, Devoid of air protection? Come on! Get some informations, you'll learn that the air fleet of U.S.A was in a flight practice far away from the place. Funny coincidence.

I am perhaps lost, but the obviousnesses are obviousnesses

Please, don't bring me links of websites filled of video seeking to deride the conspiracy. Bring your arguments, in your own words.

there seems to be conspiracies everywhere, at each days. We make part of it , But we cannot do anything. Don't trust your gorvernment.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 06:21 AM
I don't believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories because the conspiracy people can't agree on what their theory is.

If there were really solid evidence for a conspiracy, the conspiracy community could at least agree on what that evidence is.

But they can't. There are lists of evidence and smoking guns all over the web--but no two of those lists are the same. If they were really "smoking guns," they would all be the same.

The conspiracy community has had seven years now to get their story together. If they still disagree on what the evidence is and what it means, why should the rest of the world listen?

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 07:51 AM
reply to post by BarryLogan

The same observation as myself

All the mutually exclusive theories need to be sorted out so there's some sign of concensus on theories which are supported by facts. I have great difficulty seeing a conspiracy so complex as to define in advance which buildings will fall, how and when right down to where the debris will land.

There's room for a feasible (and manageable) conspiracy at what I call the 'front end' of the affair associated with the hijackings themselves like who took over the planes, how, why and whether there was prior knowledge of the general plan that wasn't acted upon.

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:40 AM
The biggest ever attack on the U.S should have had the biggest investigation. Surely every one can agree on that. Even if the official story were true, the 9-11 commission should have followed the money trail. Instead, they said the question of who funded it is unimportant!

Let's not forget that families of the victims pressured the Bush administration into having an investigation, and even then the 9/11 Commission had far less funding for their investigation than that spent on the Monica Lewinsky affair.

The whole investigation was a sham. Even those on the commission itself admitted that.

Regardless of what happened at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, there should be serious questions asked about possible foreknowledge, ties between the CIA and Al Qaeda, U.S foreign policy and the lack of air defense on that day. And people should be held accountable!

Instead, the media ignores the whole subject, and anybody who supports having an independent investigation gets labeled a kook or worse. It's really pathetic.

Personally, I don't find the official story very convincing at all.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 11:42 AM
Hey Mate, i Mean, The Government is the shadiest, most secret, strong association which aims America. There are secret elites that nobody could know the existence. Elites that could make hush up about whoever who would like to see Them Fall. They control medial, entertainment, feeding, services. What can we make ? How are they going away with this?

There is so many proofs that you didn't mentionned in your reply. Why? Come on, do some reshearch. You'll see. I Think you just don't want to believe it because it's just *TOO HARD TO BELIEVE* or you want to follow the Mass of people who treat like ANTI-AMERICAN anyone who try to claim the truth.

Re-read my original post. Take a few minutes of your time to watch and listen some informations. Open your eyes.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:21 AM

Originally posted by Truthornothing
Hey Mate, i Mean, The Government is the shadiest, most secret, strong association which aims America. There are secret elites that nobody could know the existence. Elites that could make hush up about whoever who would like to see Them Fall. They control medial, entertainment, feeding, services.

Hello, You DO realize many "elite's" lost their asses in the days, months, and years after 911, Right?

Entire sectors of the US economy were crippled if not at least stiffled due to the disruption. Investors stopped investing, travelers stopped traveling. ect, ect. Do you not think that the leaders of these industries would just sit by quietly and lose billions of dollars so as their "Country Club Buddy" could make a few bucks a few years later? HELL NO..

They "The ELITE" would be shouting from the mountaintops that this was a farce. Not a bunch of black-shirted investagooglin' teens, a gaggle of burnt-out professors, and a fat man with a bullhorn.

Open your eyes.

Are you so sure it is YOU that have them open? pffbt.

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 12:53 PM
I think that you understood nothing of the whole. it is Perhaps only MY opinion, but who's the hell you think is at the top of all this? Who governs and really aims? Bush administration? Aha, le me laught at this. Bush is just an entertainment. Who's hide behind J.F.K Murder ? Who's behind the 9/11 conspiracy? Who's behind war crime and pre-organized genocides? Leaders of big industries? Bush ? Better again, Bush administration?
These people who are known of everybody? By medias?

I don't think so. There is the cerebrum of this organization someplace. People whom we do not know. Engineers in war.

Who here know someone who works in Area 51 ? What is there really to hide in here? Why to hide us from the truths?

should i believe there is no more elites? should i trust my government ?

posted on Jul, 1 2008 @ 07:44 PM
IMO there was/is a conspiracy regarding 911, what it is i cannot say for certain, the truth movement seems be divided into 2 main camps LIHOP - let it happen on purpose and MIHOP - made it happen on purpose, there seems to be enough evidence to show that certainly they were aware of a threat to the US, they knew the towers had been a target before, they knew of a planned airplane hijacking that was planned for that year. But then you find out that they planned the invasion of Afghanistan pre 911, how would they be able to do that without 911, also the invasion of iraq was planned pre 911 how would this have been possible in a non post 911 world, far to convenient for me, as for explosives etc.. i just dont know i keep an open mind im not an expert

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by Gandi
But then you find out that they planned the invasion of Afghanistan pre 911, how would they be able to do that without 911,

I have to wonder sometimes if ANY of the truthers kept up with current events prior to 9/11.

For instance, do you remember in 1998 when the USA fired off more than 1000 cruise missles into Afghanistan? Whoa-wiz -me HOW could we have done that BEFORE 9/11? I'll tell ya how. Al Queda and Bin Laden were a very real THREAT and the Taliban were allowing them a place to organize. The Taliban had MANY UN sanctions levied against them for STARK civil rights violations. IOW They were an unrecognized rougue regime that refused to work with the rest of the civilized world's leadership.

Where was the world outcry in 1998 when we sent 1000 cruise missles into Afghanistan? Why would there be any if we deployed ground troops?

A bit of US history for you: When the USA invaded Panama in the 80's we deployed MORE troops, flew MORE sortees' and there were NO UN sanctions against Panama. We also went in alone.

We could have and likely would have to some extent in deployed ground troops in Afghanistan regardless of 9/11... and guess what? There would have been little to no outcry from other UN nations. ( except freakin' whiny-assed France)

So why did we have to ransack our largest city again? So France would STFU about troop deployment in a barron wasteland?

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