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Experiences and a plea for explanations.

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 07:38 AM
First off, id like to introduce myself.
Im Liam, Im from england and i have many experiences that i remember in my 16/17 years of life.

The first one i can remember is my own birth, sort of. Its quite strange and i have scared my parents and friends with this, i know it down to the last detail, apart from the names of the nurses are abit vague. I first said this when i was 6 or 7, my parents or grandparents had never said anything about my brith in detail to me.

Firstly, my mother was in a blue flowery night dress on the hospital bed, i recall looking at her from the corner and seeing all the apparatus and equipment and a nurse. Then i was following my father around, he went into an english bakery called Birds and bought a cream bun with a cherry on top and icing, i remember this clearly, he was also wearing a kickers jumper and driving a ford escort, a blue one to be accurate. Then we walk into the hospital and meet my granparents at the entrance and somethings from the shop, most noticably the baloon, which was blue. The rest is very vague. I figured i must of been born.

So that was my earliest memory, before i was born. The next one is in the irst house i lived in, i was about 3 or 4, i had alot of toys and we kept them in the understairs cupboard. One day i went in there to get my toy cars, i loved them, and i was overcame with a severe feeling of dread and on the far wall, there was a big circular shaped black mark, i remember it looking like it wasnt on the wall.

The next experience at that house was on a christmas eve night/christmas morning, i was awoken in my sleep, so i shouted my parents, my dad came into the room and starred at the curtains, inside the curtains was a perfect face. He said go back to sleep or santa wont come, something along those lines and gave me a kiss and went off. That night i couldnt sleep, and i was drawn to look at the curtains. Being young i thought it was an owl, and kept shouting my dad to shoo it away, but he must of not heard me. Also, i remember buzzing in my ears, most of the time in that house, very high pitched. Btw, the face was gone by the morning, which seemed to take for ever to come.

At that house again, me and my mother and my younger brother was comng back from shopping. we walked up the hill we lived on and could smell beer. I didnt know this then, but my dad had been home brewing some beer with a kit he got. We got inside to find my dad, cleaning up and quite scarred. I vividly remember him hoovering upthe beer out of the bottom of the stairs carpet with a dyson looking hoover.
Later on in my life we was talking about experiences he has had, and he brought it up, he says something pushed him down the stairs and he felt a hand and a great force. He also scarred me by bringing up the face in the curtains, and how he had seen that all around the house, and he new the house had been haunted. He also said that whenever he was doing work on the house, he got the feeling of someone starring at him and the feeling of dread, like he shouldnt be doing the renevations.

This one is about my mother, same house as the rest of the experiences. She saw and felt a figure in my parents room, standing by her side of the bed, every night they lived there. She said it was a male, mid 50s and about 5"9. Quite scary exact information. She kept her wedding dress and all her wedding things ontop and inside of the cupboard wardrobe things at the top of the stairs. The night Princess Diana died, these was all spread over the house. She has also saw faces come out of the walls, and a "dog walker" walk through the wall and out again through the opposite wall.

We also had cats then birds, then fish. They all ran away or died, within weeks. All were very frightened and paranoid. We had a dog tho, she is still alive and kicking now aswell. A few years later, my dad did some work on that street a few doors down from where we lived.
( carried on next post).

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 07:38 AM
(Carried on from previous post.)
The man my dad did some work for, held regular seances(not sure how to spell it) and did very frequent Quija boards. Also another man approached my dad, who lives at my old house now, asked him if the house is haunted, my dad said he seemed very scarred.

The next experiences are not paranormal like the previous.

A few months ago, my grandparents paid us a visit, as they do very frequently, they lived near by. We had been looking at a tremendous light in the sky, bearing in mind it was broad daylight, approx 2pm on a sunday.There was a few clouds in the sky but not overcast. We was looking at it for around half an hour and it didnt move. We was looking from our backdoor and on the decking, through binoculars, but all we could see was this white/yellow light. It was very far away, over the horizon, so it was high aswell. My whole family stood and looked at in amazement, all we could think was UFO. The strange thing is, we felt wierd before and after, but at the sighting we was completely calm.

Please, post your experiences, and if anyone has any explanations, please post.



posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 08:32 AM
The memory before birth is called a "prebirth memory", written often just PBM for short. I have one too, although I haven't spoken about it openly, as it includes parts of memory from before coming into a living body and how it happens, which I don't think I should speak of for obvious reasons. In any case, nobody would believe me, so it doesn't really matter I keep telling myself.

I also have some other things that are simular to your experiences. How it happens I don't know, nor am I certain who is behind such things 100%. Sometimes it may go years, even decades between the events, neither do I understand them all. But hardly any explanations have been given to me, although according to ancient writings, it is possible to gain the understanding of them. I believe it's mostly individual, so you can't really gain much from other peoples experiences. But you can learn how the ancients solved such riddles, which I think is the best place to look for hints.

I keep a track of the events, write them in a private diary, which I think is the best way to keep such events safe for later study, or maybe someone in the future will know what to make of it all, even if the diary must be handed down through generations.

PS: My mother used to be in a spiritist sect long ago. Maybe that has something to do with it, as your dad also dealt with the occult.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 12:44 PM
Thanks, i will look into it.
He has also saw paranormal things throughout his life, maybe i should do some backtracking to my ancestors to see if anything comes up.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by liam-uk

Hey there liam,

Can I just say how much I enjoyed reading your OP, very detailed.

Ok, now the haunting stuff is pretty much the usual kind of phenomenon ... don't take that the wrong way, I'm not dismissing it in any way (still very interesting). I've had more than my fair share of paranormal experiences including being pushed down the two steps that lead from the kitchen to the sitting room but that's another story.

But there was one thing that stood out from everything else ... to me at least. And that was the face on the curtains. You said that you thought it was an 'owl' when you were a child.

My first thought when I read that was ... 'hmmm ! Maybe this is in the wrong forum'

Owls have large eyes ... and it would be perfectly understandable for a young child to try and put what they'd seen into a recognizable 'box'.

I started to wonder if maybe you'd experienced an alien encounter ... but then I thought ... ner !

Then damn me a few lines further down the post you tell us about a strange white/yellow light in full daylight, that was witnessed by your whole family !!!

So, I have to ask ... have you ever considered the possibility that not all of the strangeness in your old house was down to restless spirits (just part of it) ?


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