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Life in a Nutshell

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:56 PM
First of all I would like to say that I am anything and everything you could possibly imagine in your mind.

As humans we are really in a bad position among the universe. Firstly we are unclear of our official origin. Our intelligence is very limited, and we live in a society where the very fabric of our security (democracy) is the very institution which was created to be controlled by anything which can prove stronger or more intelligent then the institution itself. Therefore we put one in one together, if our world is run by humans, we leave ourselves open to any sort of universal overthrow imagineable.

The reason why im posting this here is not because I think that the ATS forum folks are the prime listeners for what i have to say, it is because your all smart and think objectively enough to bother to look here for answers in the first place. The internet is truly the only resource for truth that any Joe has in the entire world, and still it is so controversial half of the things we believe could be true at the same time could be propaganda.

This is however not what i want to talk about, what i want to do is to get on a level with everyone in the world and show them that the truth and answers only lie within yourself, because as yourself nobody can force you to view the world any differently then the way that you have already adopted/chosen yourself.

'If Persay' we are really the bottom of the food chain, and that people like Phil Scneider, Thomas Castello and Alex Collier are merely those few saints who are the bearers of band news, then we have already lost the war.

However i am not going to rattle your brain with anymore of the alien question we all want to know so much about.

As humans it is very hard to think, you all know what i am talking about. We are infact so primitive, our lives get mixed up in the fray of things and we all prioritize personal goals/aspirations that really mean nothing if you see things from a larger scale. We go ahead and say freedom/the right to life and liberty are the most important aspects of life. What we do in our daily routines is seen as so important and demanding that we dont really need anything else in life. BUT WE ARE SO WRONG AND IT IS SO SAD BECAUSE WE WERE DESIGNED TO THINK THIS WAY. LIFE is truly meaningless. Whether or not we evolved on this Earth ourselves, or were created as this cluster of organisms on a seemingly natural earth, that is up to you to decide, but besides this its hard to explain, but nothing really matters. We are all so caught up in ourselves that we dont realise the meaning to life is truly nothing.

You think if the aliens decided to finally come and kill us that we would even have a fighting chance. We could run but not even hide, if people were to hide with food and shelter, even human technology such as heat sensors etc. could find us.

We were all born. Each and every one of us could have been something else, a rock, perhaps a mayfly, perhaps we could have been the energy that you just wasted thinking and deceiphering the above stated text; who really knows. Somehow this universe we live in has life, what life's ultimate purpose is, is unknown. Maybe life is only here because we are all connected to the universe as eves and ears to gaze at its own beauty. Maybe as humans we are actually the luckiest beings for the sole fact that we are able to think objectively without having someone slap us in the face and say were wrong. For all we know this alien races could be so shaken by mind control devices and their own fear of superiors that to even think a fraction of what i have just said, they could be designed to instantly die at the thought that they truly have no purpose, and that if anything were to kill itself it would merely enter the fray of energy and material in the universe, waiting for the collapse of everything and the rebirth of the universe.


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