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The Official 9/11 Story : Stranger than Fiction

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:09 PM
Was the 9/11 Twin Tower Job a "False Flag" Operation for invading Iraq, for the sole purpose of Grabbing the Oil Reserves and a pretext for a war against the Islamic world ?

Who are these "Fifth Column Jobs" that speak on behalf of a
"Third Force" that yields so much influence in Washington and yet do not represent American Interest.....and why are they not apprehended ?

Link :

The True Culprit Laid The False Evidence Trail

By simply reversing the direction to which the phony trail points towards, we can logically deduce who the true culprits were. Whichever group has phony-looking evidence directed towards it must therefore be the innocent group. Find the phony trail and you will find the guilty party

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