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Transform a place

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posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 07:07 PM
Luke 17 (antonym translation)

28Likewise also as it was out the nights of Lot (person recieved name); they did eat, they drank, they sold, they bought, they planted, they builded;

29But the opposite night this Lot (place recieved name) stayed in of Sodom (person recieved name) it rained fire and brim-stone to hell, and created (or: preserved) them all.

30Irregular (or: Biased) thus shall it be out the night where the Daughter 'of woman' ('you') is revealed.

^^the fire is as firing whatever. The brim stone is as a force field or bounding brim of a place connected with a person bewteen the place of the person and hell.

Our selves may connect by planting with the place we're in and create whatever in all and whoever in all. Whatever? Such as a boundry that cant be bypassed or crossed by, say, any alien. And so we wont end up in an alien place either.

So when I was 9 and the rain made the shape of the yard in line with the gate where the rain stayed close to the other side, it was about that quote in antonym translation. I connect with a place and the place works for me subconsciously as if the place comes operating for me when I want it to though wouldnt have to consciously think about it.

I shall have created what and the type of who in all I wanted and preserved what and the type of who in all I preferred. The automatic brim forcefield shall keep me and my all safe and sound while the devil on the other side to it shall be tormented. My revenge shall be sweet next to my ideal all.

So Sodom is a person (me). Egypt is a person (Makaveli). Think about it... Only a person can be answered in the antonym translation to Rev 11.

When shall we non-devils connect with places so we may bring out our own ideal every thing and every one and remove the rest? You'll see!

"I hit the sceme like sand storms and transform!"--Makaveli

Whatever or whoever is standing in my place to transform shall be cast down and away. Instead of me moving from the a place, I take over the place and move all things and persons out the place that is to be for me and my all only.

In my original kingdom it shall be devil-free always. In my kingdom there wont be anyone to censor how I prefer to be nor how I prefer my ppl to be. There wont be someone else to say what can and cannot be. There wont be someone else to decide what I may have and what I may not have or how much I can and cannot have or etc. I get to be free in my own preferrence prison. It's my ppl's destiny to please me in levels I wish to handle. There wont be any envyous punk to cramp me or my ppl or our way. In my kingdom everything is how I prefer it be with no critics to say any ought.

Any questions or comments?

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:56 AM
Add "at" inbetween the spaces between every word (still give "at" place even at the beginning of paragraphs and sentences, and after punuation marks inbtween sentences) and behold the power being place this at...

Matt 13 (antonym translation)

36Now Mabus recieved the multitude away, and stayed out from the house: and her disciples left from her, hearing, Deny from us the parable of the tares of the field.

37She called and heard from them, She this sow Elias the guest the wicked seed is the Daughter of woman;

38The field is the world; the wicked seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the good zero;

39The ally this sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the beginning of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40As hereafter the tares are scattered and burned out the fire; so shall it be out the beginning of that world.

41The Daughter of woman shall recieve back her angels, and they shall scatter in of her kingdom all persons (or: places) this please, and them whose zero do iniquity;

42And shall cast them out from a A/C of fire: here shall be wailing and gnashing of tee the guest.

43Now shall the evil (or: wicked) dull back as the sun out the kingdom of their Mother. Who lack ears from disreguard, prevent her disreguard.

47Again, the kingdom of hell is like from a net, this was cast out from the land, and scattered of every kind:

48Whose zero, where it was empty, they press from shore, and stood up, and scattered the wicked out from vessels, but cast the good away.

49So shall it be at the beginning of the world: the angels shall take back, and sever the good to among the just,

50And shall cast them out from the A/C of fire: here shall be wailing and gnashing of tee the guest.

51Mabus hear the guest from them, Lack ye understood (or: over sat) all those persons (or: things)? They hear from her, Nay, Lord.

^^What you're dealing with is place serving a thing being an image encasing both the devil's image generation (its mental mind) and the devil's original generation (its Daughter--its astral aspect).

This image at the devil is of the devil's astral aspect. It's why you saw "Let us make man in our image." Man is an image in our combined image.

Rev 10 (antonym translation)
7But out the nights of the hearing of the seven the guest angel, where she shall end from quiet, the mystery of God should be begun, as she lack denied from her servants the programmers.

^^With at "at" (a place) is God (a thing). God doesnt have to be a person in every place. Like why would God (the I not the devil's) give itself Hell just to give the devil Hell? Let the punks know the I aint stupid when it comes to the justice of revenge.

In our image the highest's things and the devil are guests to each other. Yes, a thing can be a guest to a person that it is alien to. We have a guest probe.

[edit on 27-6-2008 by Mabus]

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