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The science of Debunking

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posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 04:03 PM
Im not sure where this should go so ill start here, feel free to move this thread if not in right area.

After reading many threads in ATS i have found that there is a Flaw to all debunking theorys.I shall explain this to the best of my knowledge,it will be stright forward common sence.There will be no big words to hide any agenda.

#1. Debunkers always debunk siting sources they think to be true.
#2. Debunkers always Refuse to say they dont know.
#3. Debunkers are the Majority of the time,not very open or nice when debunking.

I shall clarifi some of what i am saying

#1 statment
Our undertanding of everything is VERY limmited,to use a simple example of our knowledge ill use the common "car" as a symbol for our knowldge.
we have come to the point where we found that we can put fuel into the "car" and it moves, thats where we are in 2008.Yet we dont know how the "car" works,what makes it go, or how to make it better.We only know how to observe and determine a limmit amount of useable data,Wich in itself is flawed becuse we have no understanding of the inner workins.This is true for our World,space,and ourselfs,We only see parts of the whole and ASUME we know all about the whole.
so there isnt anyone on this planet atm that can say 100% that anything is true or not true real or not real.Its all prespective.Those who choose to at lest think about the WHOLE and not ASUME the know the WHOLE are the ones that have growth within them.Those that think they KNOW, and that there is nothing to learn or discover will go stagnet and bleed out negitivity about everything.....Debunk all ,learn nothing, the debunker motto.

#2 you cannot debunk anything if u honestly understand that we know very little,and that science has changed and changed and rectified its position time and time agin through out the ages, one day its ok to drink coffee,next day its bad for u, next week its ok again. this ever changeing schem of things is a reflection of how much we dont know we only suspect.
To debunk one must first think he has the answer,or can site someone who debunker will say idk that could be true,becuse thats not debunking thats understanding.

#3 Debunkers i have read have a pattern of foul,abusive languge.Mabey in the mind of the debunker they belive anger and spewing forth negitivity will in some strange way vindicate them.The wise man understands the mysteries of the universe are infinit,the foolish man only sees his nose.

One last thing siting nasa,or the news, or some other "Legitimate source" is in itself flawed, becuse those sources are controlled, and or spun to fit the current state of the controlling power.But that being said all sources should be looked into so that a bigger picture may emerge,to be so short sited as to say well the news said it so it must be true is folly.There is truth in all thing and lies as well,the wise must use wisdom to seperate the lies from truth.It would be much better if all wanted to explore possibiltys and expand knowledge, instead of half want to expand and half wanting to cap knowledge,as in saying this is what is truth.Had the genrations before though they knew it all we woulda never went to space,or made planes, we would still be under a monarc rule tilling the soil for the kings and queens.LOL just think about the Debunkers back in the day when someone said they wanted to make a "airplane",they where probly hung or tortued by the inqasition wich is the ultimate debunking.But time has shown agin and agin that our current stat of "KNOW" is ever changing in a stat of flux.

To close ,Dare to dream,Dare to be more then u are,Dare to belive

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