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Lost of Personal Identification Plot!!

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 05:11 PM
Is it just me or is it that every couple of weeks you hear of innocent people's personal identification being stolen or lost??

I mean How could so many Large Agencies For example JC Penney, Chrystler and not to mention "Governent Agencies" like Service Canada and the US Government ,That are loosing infmation like it was there car keys?!?!

In my opinion it's a plot to get all personal information transferred to RFID Chip because, what a coincidence!! Large companies with millions sunk into Identity theft and security are just losing information!! Woops! I left my laptop on the subway!! Woops! I lost my Jump drive with 30000 people's personal identification on it!!

Anyway... here are just a few links to news reports about lost personal identification only in 2008!

~JC Penney

~ Crystler

~health care system

~Service Canada

~Insurance company


~ Lost Seinors information

The secret word is "Fear"! Fear is what will make the people of the world like puddy in the NWO's bloody hands!! If people think that they are at risk of having their identity stolen then they will let any wolf in sheeps clothing save them from potential catastrophy!

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