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google earth bugs are not cencorship

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 02:31 AM
every few weeks someone leaps onto thier ATS soapbox to scream that GE or another imaging system is " cencoring " data to obfuscate some " secret " base or other feature

when infact the claimed ` cencorship ` is just an error the claimant does not understand .

here is an example of an error .

it is just a quiet housing subburb in the NW of England

location :


there is nothing to hide there - it is simply an error in the AUTOMATED mosaic system

so before screaming cencorship - just take off your tinfoil hat and examine ALL the evidence

i am not for one minuite suggesting that GE has never or will never cencor data - but to date all examples i have seen that claimed cencorship were erroroneus or were exadurations of known and publicly stated obscurment policy .

that is all - you may now put your tinfoil hat back on

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