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The Movie Conspiracy To Bring Down The USA!!!

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 09:09 PM
I seldom if ever go to the movies anymore because of what I believe is an apparent conspiracy against intelligence. I was reading how great the new movie Ironman was and thought hey maybe this could be an actual believable movie since it was based on a super hero.
Now I'm no rocket scientist, and yes I do have an imagination, so I thought well maybe it might have some campy story line like say a crashed alien power source was found by a genius and incorporated along with the recovered metal into an iron suit. far fetched yes, but somewhat believable since I have seen just what those unknown flying machines are capable of.

So I haul butt over to the local megaplex and plop down the 8 bucks for the show. I wait in line for some stale nachos and large drink, another 10 bucks and find the self serve coke is out of that fizzing stuff, so I spy the Icee machine and proceed to fill up that 44 oz cup with cool frozen goodness....when I finally get into the theatre the movie has already started and I think oh crud I'm probably in the early show, but no it's the right show the lady in back says, so I proceed to devour the smelly cheese and stale nachos while watching this cocky character called Tony Stark show off his newest missle to the army (he's an arms dealer) and his wry smirk as it proceeds to go off several hundred yards away and as the concussion arrives a blast of dusty wind which he smartly walks through and presses a remote control upon which a stainless steel contraption starts to unfold turning into a full bar and up pops a large chilled bottle of Dom Perrignon as he pours a glass for the general and says he'll throw in one of those with every order of his new missle.

Now if that was any indication of what was to come, I was sure it would be even more over the top, dare I say even retarded...and I didn't have to wait much longer for in the next few minutes his convoy out of the dessert is ambushed and the bradley armored fighting vehicle he's riding in takes a blast from a mine blowing it over, and as he collects himself and jumps from the vehicle he is hit by another blast with schrapnel which causes a spring of blood right over his heart...the scene then fades to black and he wakes up with this middle eastern man looking down at him, and this strange looking disk hooked up to a wire on his chest.

He tries to rip the disk off his chest and is quickly warned that it is hooked up to a powerful battery and it is an electromagnet that is keeping the schrapnel that is close to his heart from punturing it causing quick death.
Okay, I know it's really getting strange now, but I relutantly stay hoping the alien ship will crash very soon to rescue our hero out of his impossible predicament, but no alien vessle ever crashes, and he is not abducted and miraculously healed and given a cool souvenir iron suit to remember the aliens by. Instead the terrorists who ambushed him tell him they want him to build them several of his newest missles from parts they have managed to steal or "liberate" from our own army.

Remember, this is in the middle of the dessert and I think in Iraq or Afganistan or Jibouti or some other strange sounding region of unrest,
they want him to make the equivalent of a cruise missle with scavenged parts that are laying around.

Now here is where the conspiracy will be evident, instead of making the missle, he proceeds to put together a small glowing device that produces something like 4 megajoules of electricity but only for a short time???

He would be lucky to make something that puts out 12 volts and has 675 cold cranking amps, but wait there is more, he does all while being under 24 hour video surveilance,
and even has time to make an iron suit that he pairs with the device & uses to kick A@@ and escape with. THAT IS THE CONSPIRACY!!! We are being treated to what they think we have become, a society of brainwashed retreads. Any garammer or spelling errors can be blamed on the movies

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 09:34 PM
What, you had believed the comic books? I do suspect that there is some social conditioning in the way hollywood is funded though, because there is a large percentage of retarded high budget marketing successes there. But then again, the people are responsible for putting arses in seats.

As for Ironman, I kinda enjoyed it in a suspension of disbelief brain idleing sort of way. There's nothing really there but a bit of military tecnoporn, I admit, but it was still fun in a way. The trick is not to build a belief system, and much less a moral system, from almost anything that comes out of hollywood.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by Zepherian
Zeph you poor bast***, you have already been assimilated...Now back to your alcove you need to recharge your brain.


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