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That conspiracy against the new race

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:10 PM
The new race steps out away from the older races in how they are labeled and evaluated into statistics to be possibably pre-discriminated against in how their individual information is used.

The conspiracy against the new race is designed to keep us bound in with a conspiracy against us as the older known races.

The new race is the new world race I founded that I call "the beauty" because all other races are as the beast. The bad image afixed to the older races (white, black, etc.), that stupid ppl (as though helplessly) choose to go by, cant touch those standing as the new race called the beauty. No one can put a tag on the beauty of any thing ugly in kind.

To be already the beauty or to become the beauty you must not be:

conflicting in kind
etc. of the alike

You must step out of any man-made religion which includes atheism. And the things that came with them (man-made marriage). You must step out of the old race labels (white, black, etc). You must keep to the beauty in life and cast out the ugly in life away from the beauty in this new race. When they ask what race are you, you must say other or the beauty.

Basically you must be delightful in kind while certainly defensive against anything or anyone not delightful toward you and your best interests.

The beauty isnt a statistic. The beauty isnt pale, it's colorful by no specific color. The beauty is above the human race (the human race wasn't above the beast because it particapates in its games--How do I know? On the last form you filled out asking about race...You put white, black, or etc. to what it listed I bet).

How many of you like the beauty better than any of the other known races?

If you're ugly it will show reguardless of the older known races you would choose to stay afixed in. The beauty will terminate anything the ugly can create/form. Ugliness doesnt stay in our faces forever. The beauty has a responsibility to remove the ugly in life.

If you shun, say, beautiful nudity in entertainment, and want it censored so ppl you dont even know can't see it, then you're ugly because you cant even accept the beauty nature brings forth for those who do want to see it who have no problem with it who arent even you.

The same ppl that shun beautiful nudity be the same ones who watch gross things the news shows without having any ought to say against them showing it. On the news you might see a cut open body... Hell, dont you think that would cause others and your kids nightmares and/or loss of appetites rather than the seeing of something beautiful such as an attractive nude woman on t.v? The ugly cant hide from me. I know them by their hideous fruits. You'd rather I see someone's guts opened on the news than live with believing I'm surely aroused by some nude woman I might happen to find very attractive on t.v. I mean, damn... Get your mind off how other's personals might react. Sheesh!

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