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Unknown Event

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:09 PM
I found this site about a month ago and have enjoyed reading the many interesting theories and experiences. It’s prompted me to write this and relay an event that happened to me some time ago.

I know from reading the site that you all want proof, pictures and references and I can’t offer any of that. I’m not claiming anything, just relaying to you something you may find interesting.

My apologies for the length but this is a hard account to condense.

Back in 1989 or 90 I owned a photography store with film developing and printing. I had always been into photography and I turned my hobby into my job.

Over the years we had literally processed millions of photographs. As anyone that has been in the business knows it’s amazing what people will submit for developing. I can honestly say I’ve seen it all, but that’s a story for another time and probably a different web site if you know what I mean.

In dealing with negatives for many years you become very good at spotting problems before ever seeing a printed picture. In fact most of the time you can tell more information from the negative than you can from the print. It’s very easy to see dust on the lens, or in the camera body, on the film, in the processing equipment. As well you become accustom to seeing exposure problems, sun flares, reflections, partially exposed films etc. There became very little that I couldn’t explain.

On one particular day I was running some negatives and sat down to print them. In viewing the negatives it appeared to have an exposure problem, similar to the camera back being opened during picture taking. However it wasn’t quite right, the image had a defined shape and not a random exposure. I really couldn’t understand it. As the prints came out I was very surprised.

There were several pictures of the same thing. At the time I lived in a logging community and the pictures were taken from a logging road looking across an old cut block to a tree line about 300 yards away. If any of you know what I’m describing you know that this wouldn’t be a particularly exciting picture.

The interesting part was the object in front of the tree line. There was a round, orange, translucent sphere that appeared to be hovering above the ground. Today you might refer to it as an orb but back then I had never seen or heard of anything like it. Using the tree line for reference I would estimate that it was 40 feet in diameter, give or take. Being translucent you could see the trees through the object in behind. Like I said before it resembled an exposed film problem but it was clearly round. I have always had an interest in ufo’s, some times in my life more than others. I definitely wondered if this was a ufo.

I should point out that if you removed the orb from the picture there was no reason that I could see for this person taking a dozen pictures of this scene. No animals, no forestry information, nothing that made sense. I wanted to know what the person was doing.

Throughout the day I waited and watched for the person to pick up his film. Eventually he returned and I helped him at the counter. He asked for his pictures and paid. He then quickly and with apparent eagerness opened the package flipped through the pictures to find the orb. I didn’t want to say anything first but wanted his reaction. He smiled looked at me and said “did you see my ufo”?

I was almost in shock. I told him I wondered if that was what he thought it was. He then described what had happened.

He said he was traveling the logging road hunting and came across the orb floating in front of the trees. He stopped and quickly took pictures of it hovering there. At first he was worried about it taking off before he got a good look, however it stayed there hovering for over 10 minutes.

Now this is a little hard to believe, and stupid if you ask me, but he said it wasn’t moving and he wanted it to do something so he took out his gun and shot at it. He said he shot a couple of times and then in no hurry it rose straight up and moved back over the tree line and down somewhere behind it. He got back in his truck and took off.

I had never met this guy and never saw him again but I did believe what he was saying. Before you ask, no I didn’t keep any copies of the pictures. I always felt it was a professional business and never kept copies of someone else’s property. In hind sight would I like to have copies today? You bet.

By not offering any references some of you will find this nothing more than fiction, that’s ok. It matters little to me whether you believe my account or not. I just thought some of you may find it interesting.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:35 PM
Hello Singletrack!

I've actually seen photos like that, probably ten years ago.
The story is about the same also, but it happened here in sweden.
A friend showed me what he had captured on film, and it was two huge glowing yellow/orange in colour.

It was five pictures in totall, he said they were just hoovering at the same place for about 3 minutes, he was taking pics rappidly and suddenly they were just gone.

They were quite big, they engulfed a huge pine tree, or rather several of them, from top to bottom.

He does not wish to give these pictures out however, since he does not want to be riddiculed.
Or called a hoaxer.

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