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Test Subject-no informed consent

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:32 PM

I am seeking some information.

I am a son of a U.S.A. 82d Airborne Member, who jumped into St MarieGlese ( ? Spelling ) France. On D-day.

The past 13 years I have endured a series of what I thought were unrelated events in my life. I have come to find out that it looks like I am a Experimental Test Subject of some kind.

It further appears like what has been done to me, is connected to Operation Paperclip, and a continuation of Nazi science. Which was imported into the U.S.A., after the War.

Have other Children of WW Two Veterans who fought the Nazi's anecdotal reported similar events?

I am a Operational Paramedic, with deployments in Sudan, Mexico, Russia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Techniques deployed against me have included:

A. Operant Conditioning

B. Non-Consensually administered Psychoactive Drugs. Please provide ANY information you have on 2-Alpha Picoline.

C. Untra Low Frequency Sound. Under 20 Hertz.

D. Radio Frequency Emissions- Various.

I believe that Halliburtan Corporation inserted a RFID Chip in my arm, while I was preparing to deploy to Iraq, as a Civilian Paramedic. I suggest you look at a Halliburtan program called" LOGCAP.

I have now been prevented from getting a job, and financially restricted to low-income areas. I am constantly attacked by Drug Addicts, mostly using Methamphetamine.

Please let me know if you have similar reports from children of WW two vets who fought the Nazi's.

I now understand what a Drug Dealer meant, when he told me in Port Angels Washington " the son must pay for the sins of the father ".....He meant I must endure the continuation of the Third Reich's torture...due to my Father fighting the Nazi's in World War Two.

I am available to any of your personnel, should you want more information.


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