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Power and money ambush

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 08:30 PM
Power and money, money and power. 9-11 affected power and money. Well I got news for you... Did you know that money and power is in other key forms?

In the original ambush:

Money = The World Trade Center
Power = The Pentagon

In an image ambush:

Power = electricity
Money = wires and poles of powerlines unsecured

Electricity projects the image of a nation literally. Without that image ppl thurst for ppl turn into like zombies fiending for their livelihood, wouldnt you agree?

I tell you this, there aint enough cops to guard against an image ambush. Just think of all the ppl who wouldnt stand up for any needed revolt who would loose the image being fed them... They'd go crazy and finally unbrainwash to take action how they should have in the first place.

PPl's true colors come out when they loose an image to what feeds their livelihood.

Is your livelihood tied into image of anything, anybody, or any place? Would you feel secure if image to the world that surrounds stopped?

And do notice that "original" and "image" are antonyms to one another.

Wake up into no image due to a continual attack on power and money in the other key form, and certain of you would then aim to flee the country. It would be much worse than how they got Iraq even though there would be no one killing or no one having to be killed if image is ambushed before and behind anyone fixes the damage. They really should have saw it coming and put all powerlines underground like the water lines. Yes, I see the weakness to the big O' U.S. supposidly of A, but not for A.

Didnt that sprite commerical teach you anything conflicting? That image is nothing. Obey your thurst... Well if your thurst is image, then you see the conflict, dont you?

So Mabus figured out how to destroy the U.S. of A... By stopping image from proceeding by affecting the power and money beyond conventional buildings. O yes, seest not all these things (which are buildings that Jesus was implying in Matt 24 to the buidlings "of" the temple)? The key word is "of". When these get thrown down, as in took down by ambush, then you will see what Jesus was actually forewarning about in the gospel.

There aint any cameras watching poles and wire parts because ppl are way off guard. I dont know, but no electricity and no image combined as a blow may cause ppl to kill for basic survival.

The main wires and poles somewhere, anywhere could already be mapped out for the slaughter. It's only a matter of time. So tell congress that Mabus said mandate that powerlines be put underground. And while you're at it tell em Mabus is the Anti-Christ. Would a wicked person warn you for your own good? So listen and follow the Anti-Christ who will lead into the beauty thought to be the beast. Beauty is the antonym to beast.

Joshua 8:7 (synonym translation)
Then ye shall rise up from the ambush, and seize upon the city: for the LORD your God will deliver it into your hand.

By the way, notice that ambush spells Mabus without the h when you rearange the letters?

[edit on 18-6-2008 by Mabus]

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