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Presidential Elections..... And Stuff

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 09:31 AM
So I'm sittin' here doin' some thinkin' and stuff. So I says to myself, Self? Like what's goin' on with this here presidential election and stuff?
Like what's the big deal and stuff?
That squinty eyed guy, with the drug snortin', booze drinkin', bad decision makin', vote manipulatin', WMD lyin', bad public speakin' past is pretty easy to replace and stuff.
The Presidential election, the presidential election...........
C'mon Brain, do some thinkin' about these candidates and stuff.
Obama....... Yep, a history makin' man and stuff. Yep. Like he's the first man of color to get this far and stuff. Cool! And like he's so diverse and stuff. He's a muslim, but he's not. He's a citizen, but he's not. He must be like super faithful 'cause he has like three different men of the cloth from three differeent churches as his religous confidents who like talk about him and stuff! Who else do you know that has visited 57 states? FIFTY SEVEN! Man! Like that is impressive and stuff! Yeah!

John McCain. Like how cool is he. I mean like look at his Popeye chin. That is so cool! And like he has lot's of experience. I mean like I saw a picture of a cave man drawing that I'm pretty sure was McCain. And like when you ask him why he is a perfect candidate, he will tell you because he was a POW, and stuff. Yep, I bet like he was doin' lot's of thinkin' when he was locked in that cage. And like he says, who cares that only 47 million Americans don't have health insurance. Like c'mon and stuff there's 300 million Americans. 47 million is a drop in the bucket. Yep that McCain is one smart candidate.

Hmmmmmmmm.................... two great candidates. Yeah!

And here I was thinkin' I had like some good presidential thinkin' and stuff! Like I would do stupid stuff like pull the troops and bring them back home. Nationalize the bank accounts of a couple countries who think their so cool messin' with the US. And like now I know that my good thinkin' is all wrong 'cause like I would put a salary cap on what elected officials can earn per year and stuff. And thinkin' that teachers, cops, EMT's, and firefighters should make ALOT more than they do right now is so silly. And why on earth would I think that at least half of the record profits bein' made by those really cool oil companies should be amortized into MANDATORY alternative energy programs, and schools is a good idea? It might be the worst thinkin' I think I've ever done. And don't get me started on like my thoughts on a flat tax, where everyone - EVERYONE would pay the same percentage annualy and stuff. And like when I thought the prison system needed an overhaul, I was so wrong. I mean now it makes sense! I see why someone arrested for packing a Z of pot deserves a harsher punishment than someone who committed murder and stuff! And like those drug companies makin' it impossible for alot of hard workin', law abidin' citizens to get, while they make billions makes perfect sense.

Man! Like how could I have been so wrong? Man! I am so glad that we have such huge potential with these new candidates and stuff!

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