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Different Gods

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 03:05 PM
The dictionary has God defined a certain way.

The bible has two Gods defined different a certain way.

^^One of those Gods in the bible lives conflicted as good and as wicked in actions as it will. The 2nd God is revealed in Revelation 21:

7He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.

^^You, if you arent blind, can see "his" God is defined as "I". Before and later in Rev is God defined as the conflicted one. "I" means "the self; the ego" it is this that is your body's God. Your I's body is its (God's or I's) son or daughter. The other God (the conflicting good and evil one) that you are before in the presence of, if you've noticed, lacks the word "his" or "her" infront. And the dictionary God is a fusion of differences in how some define God. Thus the dictionary God is a created fiction by a combined of man's opinions and personal beliefs that are far from fact or truth.

According to the bible's antonym book, your body is the her, your "I" is not a he or a she. The body lacks a mother and father even though the body is the I's daughter. Think about it... Think about what mothers and fathers do, then think about what "I" do. "I" doesnt do motherly and fatherly things with its body because it doesnt teach the body anything.

If I am the Alpha and Omega etc, then there is no mother or father that I was birthed by/created by.

Your bodies right now are the Queen. There is no King when you read into the antonyms translation. There is Queen of all Queens, Lord of all Lords. Queen = body and physical Lord. Spiritual Lord = I.

So actually both sexual organs, though opposite each other in principle, are female, it's just that one female (who we call female) seems more suited for the other female (who we call male). So that female (be it the one we call female or male) that likes a similar female (be it the one we call female of male) was O.K. in their I's preferrence. The "I" must have chosen its preferrence before being flesh. There are "I"s that prefer both the similar and the opposite in the female sex organs. Those who try to go against your preferrence are dead wrong if they already knew, or otherwise, living in ignorance. Preferrence goes into detail, too. Take me for instance... I like females with the opposite sex organ of mine who like females having similar and opposite sex organs.

Your "I" is untouchable except by your "I" alone come the time your "I" will or wont in part or in whole adjust how it is or in what it may become body wise.

Any comments or questions to you in this current Queen body/church?

Plus, what is your favorit God definition? Is it from a book?--Which?

I just realized what the picture said to be by Naztradomus implies... The one where "one male" is written... In the antonym book with the death book it's actually "zero female" or "nothing female". The devil's second life is a 0 or a nothing (thing with no value) that is as its first life's female counterpart that is opposite or similar the devil's first life, but the devil's first life controls its second life.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 04:26 PM
Hi Mabus,

I must say that I am totally lost with your post - kind to clarify a little please?



posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by Breifne

There are 3 Gods.

One is defined in the dictionary that only exists as a figment of fiction and man's opinion.

The two other Gods are explained in the bible. One is conflicting in behavior/acts that has been in your presense, and the other is your (Yes, your) "I" (the self; the ego).

We = an "I" and a female body. The "I" is working its current created female body.

The "I" is not male or female, just its body is female even though we call them male and female because of the opposite sex organs. Here there was no male body. What you see human body wise on this planet is all female reguardless of the sex organ. You dont see the "I", you see the body, so the "I" isnt to be mistaken as if male or female though it works the body. When you get into a BMW car to work it, are you then a BMW car? No! And you knew this already.

The conflicting God made humans (them), "away" from the beginning, male and female though that is not the true case. If it's "from", as in away from the beginning, then it's an altering that is not original in how things been. So if you go by the conflicting God the world's body is male and female.

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