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When flies turn into lies and cheer turn into fear.

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:32 PM
I'm sorry, some might find this thread a waste of space and time.

But these past weeks, even months have presented a surge in material that in a way sucks out the energy we should be spending on more "serious" matters...

All these clips with no foundation other than pure amazement and blind belief from those who post them and the amount of resurfacing stuff that has been through the grinder before is hurting both sides (read ufologists and debunkers).

I myself have been moving slowly towards the positive side of the fence but every piece of bunk, because of the sheer amount of it, is either pushing me back or out of the game completely.

However, I'd like to encourage people to still look to the sky, still post clips, still have an open mind, but be critical and vigilant about those clips before you post them. Make quick analysis on your own and try to prove yourself wrong before posting.
I know it's a gray zone, but it's going to get a whole lot grayer if we let ourselves be overrun by kids who just discovered After Effects or Sony Vegas and wanna test the believers.
Sometimes I even go paranoid and start thinking if those who test us are unconscientiously affected by those who don't want us to know and therefor try to destroy our cause.

I fear the day that people give up hope or just grow tired.
I love the theme on ufos. Like I said I'm A/B (other thread) and wanna take those last few steps.

You don't have to keep this thread up, for the sake of this ol' debunking ranter. Just thought we might need a little cold water in the head.

No offense intended by the way.


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