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everyone plunged in debt? here in east germany NWO?

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 11:29 AM
First of all I would like to say Hi and apologize for my English as I’m german.

Strange things are happening here in Germany. It appears that someone tries to push people to borrow money (credit) even if they know they can not pay it back any time soon or at all. Making Money out of a credit agreement is normal but not if there is a good change that the people can not pay it back. It doesn’t make any sense? (at first) I have reasons to come forward as I experienced all kind of reasons why people borrow money. The first and obvious reasons are where people “needed” the money to buy “important” but expansive goods like a kitchen for 13000€ or a car for 22000€ even if they only earn 12000€ a year (taxes already paid) and they almost spend everything for food and shelter. The car is mostly only to go to work! They not even use it for something else so they borrow the money only to go to work again. I was like: “they are just stupid, can not handle money” and forgot about it.

Then my best friend left a save but uneventful job in the company to study something, and to do so he borrowed a lot of money. So he will be plunged in debt afterwards. Than I thought I will never let that happen to me and at the day my old care said good bye I bought a very cheap but okay car. And I noticed how everyone else said I should by a better care and for a moment it was very tempting. During that time there was a famous tv show in the TV about a debt counsellor who “helped” the people with there debts. This show was on air during prime time (not weekends) so everyone can draw their conclusions.

Lately my father came up with the idea to borrow money to install a “Photovoltaikanlage” (solar power system generating electric power by use of solar panels) the problem is that he is self-employed for a long time now but when he goes down (illness or something) the whole little sales business will go down to together with the family (my two sisters, one brother). Sometimes we have problems paying the monthly bills and my father appears to be so eager to get this 90000€ !!!! crap just to hope to god that the stuff will work 20 years so he can make some money after the 15 years once the system has been paid. Fortunately he is listening to me and we can think this over. I said: look do you really want to be salve for 15 years before you even see a cent? And there is was again!

I was shocked and just realized again that I will be screwed soon too! Why? Because I tried to make some extra money next to my normal job so I started a little distance selling business. And it is working so I make some extra cash. My mother helped me sending the parcels and stuff because I’m at work all day. One day she called me, she was really sad and said I know why you haven’t spend your money and tolled me that I just received a letter from a lawyer and I have to pay a few thousand Euro because I made a mistake in one of my online offers. (a 20€ product I haven’t even soled (satellite equipment)). I tried to argue with him but the money I offered was not good enough So In a few weeks there will be lawsuit and even if the judge says I have caused no damage but the mistake was made and so I have “only” to pay the lawyers and the lawsuit it will cost me more than I have and so I will be forced soon to borrow money too. I forgot to mention that I receive a lot of letters from bankers offering credits to me and phone calls from my credit card company that they have raised my limit.
Is there by any means something linked to that NOW everyone is talking about?


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:00 PM
if i were you, i'd try to secure my assets whenever possible and tel them to get lost.

i mean i have no idea what mistake you made on ebay or elsewhere, but a €$20 item will not incur several grand in cost, period, unless it blows up, of course. (liability)

as for the lawyer stuff, ask a helpline, someone, anyone, i know there are clubs and organisations which do just that.

it's common practice to issue warning to world&dog, hoping that somebody will pay. i don't know enough, all i would tell them is that the transaction was revoked, here's your refund, now go shag a mailbox.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:55 PM
thanks for the feedback Lance, maybe i should put some more light on that "marketplace" mistake ;-) it's simple and ridiculous at the same time. I used a A.marketplace and there i can only react on existing items/offers but not insert a complete new product so I chose a product matching the one I want to sell (an LNB satelite TV equipment) and wrote in the litte comment field I had: " not from company xy, but same specifications" so they excused me to utilized the "trade name" it was not even a famous one
as I said I have not sold a single item and the amount in dispute has been set to unnormal 260000€
as ridiculous as it sounds the lawyer actualy pushed for a court case.

But again this is only part of my story I want to know if this all (plunged in dept stuff) could be part of that NWO?

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:00 PM
I think that the loan workers just want to get that commision and they have been able to alter the rules. They don't really care if you pay the money back, they just want the comission. I don't think it part of a plan.
Many people have made great fortunes lately by relying on human nature.
We will spend more than we have.
We fear unknown people.
We make mistakes.
We want someone else to control things.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:53 PM
shr4n, that`s the way it is all over the world. The NWO has their mits in everything. Why do you think credit is so easy to get, even if you can`t handle the payments? Yes, they DO know you can`t pay it. All the better to be able to get you under their heel so they can control you. I posted a thread in one of the other topics on why the US dollar is doing so bad right now. It`s NOT going to get better, only worse. To the point that where our government will want to do away with the dollar and go to a world wide currency. You know, just another way of saying, NWO anyone? Most governments are so currupt that it`s beyond belief, all being lead by the nose, by the ONE that wants world power.

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