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First post, questions...

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 12:30 PM
It's a long read, my apologies

Ok, before I get the standard "you just signed up a week ago" response to a question I'm going to ask, be aware that I have lurked this forum for a LONG time, and I can fully expect the people with 2397 posts to jump on me. Regardless, I am just looking for a deeper explanation or insight to everything I have read on these boards.

My question is this: "Do aliens exist in the way people actually say, or describe they do?"

Simple question, let me elaborate.

Greys, reptilians, nordics, ect. Quite the vast group of alien life out there, let alone visiting us, living amongst us, meddling in our everyday lives. Galactic Federations, greys working for reptilians, reptilians working alone, nordics protecting us, nordics controlling the greys...again, many vast difference between this story and that.

I will give it up to you guys here, you see many tales...and many proposed stories of what is going on, but there seems to be MANY different ideas of what IS actually going on. I guess my main reasoning behind this post came after reading a popular post on here about "100% proof; Intergalactic Alien Council Exists".

Now don't get me wrong, I BELIEVE in life outside our's a mathematic impossibility that there isn't. But I'm on the side that the technology they must possess is so vast, that I cannot even believe that they would come here themselves, let alone walk around outside their ship. Drones, robotic counterparts (robotic humanoids directly controlled by the aliens themself), ect. would seem like a much easier, proper, efficient, and safer way to do it. Somewhere around 70% of all species on our own planet cannot live within our atmosphere (above water)...I cannot believe these many different races of aliens can walk amongst us freely. Unless we are FROM them, which is a different thread / post.

Greys, reptilians, nordics...all "aliens" from different cultures and backgrounds. My girlfriend for over 2 years and I had a discussion about this the other day. She was born in India, lived there her entire life...yet until she came to the US, she has never heard of a "grey" alien...unless it was directly associated with american pop culture. Greys are seen more in america culture (popularized from movies / literature no doubt).

Nordics on the other hand are large, blonde, "godlike" creatures from an European belief. Hardly are Greys the standard response as an alien sighting (not the case anymore, but there are reasons for that). And the same goes for the reptilian race, seen in other cultures ranging from Asia to South America. I understand David Icke is a big person around these parts, but the reptilian shapeshifting race to me seems like an evolved lore from ancient india...with a sinister twist in order to keep interest with believers (a youtube video of George Bush with pixelated eyes, with the light hitting it "just right" is hardly the proof we need).

Now that globalization has hit the UFO / Alien phenomena, it seems apparent what has happened. With the many different species, races, ideas of what aliens are, we must make sense of it. Enter: Alien councils, groups, federations, protectors, and enemies.

Is it possible...anything is. But for 100's of years of sightings, reports, and belief...why did only certain races visit this country, and not visit the other ones? Since the idea of alien existance has become mashed together, are alien supporters making these "alien superfriends" groups in order to save what they believe in?

Are alien races based off a nations popular culture, religious beliefs, folklore, and time told stories? Over the years, with this shrinking earth these stories NEED to complement each other, become seamless, and feed off each other? This topic is something I take extremely seriously, and am curious what others think...what are the TRUE aliens out there.

I'm sure some people will read this and just scoff, but read it and think...

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 12:32 PM
Already right off the bat....posted in the wrong forum!

...please move this

(Thats what i get for having multiple tabs open)

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 01:07 PM
Relax, everyone here has made a mistake. You already just like the rest of us!

You answer regarding aliens won't be coming from me. I am cautious about the topic because of the sheer scale of the debate.

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