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Who Is Behind the James Johnson Cover-Up?

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 10:53 PM
James Johnson was selected to head Barack Obama's committee to find a VP candidate. James Johnson has been Vice Chairman of Perseus LLC, a large hedge fund, since 2001. Perseus LLC is also partnered with George Soros in the management of a biotech hedge fund.

And yet I have not seen ONE news story in the MSM about Johnson refer to his current position at Perseus. Instead, every news story I've seen describes Johnson as "former Fannie Mae CEO."

You would think Johnson's current position in the management of Perseus would be newsworthy, especially since Soros is partnered with Perseus. So who is giving the orders NOT to publish the fact that Johnson is Vice Chairman of Perseus, or for that matter, that he also sits on the board of Goldman Sachs?

And better yet, why is this fact being purposely hidden from the public??

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