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Congestion charge an attack on the working class

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:59 PM
Well the spineless corrupt parasites that run the UK have finally agreed to congestion charging for the Greater Manchester area. Its obvious the 45 Billion that is raised from vehicle tax is not enough so now they want more. But its not just that no what they are doing is providing a source of profit for the companies that want a return on their investment. And is this tax fair is it graded no it will be applied to anyone who enters the congestion zone be you poor or a millionaire we will all pay the same.

Not content with bleeding us dry in the name of so called congestion and pollution reduction they tell us thats why we need the charge. No what they are saying is that if you can afford to congest and pollute you can do because we the greedy Goverment and the companies we look after want your money.

But its more sinister than that, whats really happening is that the working man is being stripped of that thin venere(debt) of wealth that he was allowed to have. Within a decade the working class of the UK will not be able to afford a car, have foreign holidays, his own home or material goods etc. Families are already sinking under the weight of massive fuel price hikes, increased taxes, increased food prices and he will not be able to have health care as he wont have the money as the Goverment is turning the NHS into a private business bit by bit.

Yet the middle class's upwards wont feel it, they will still be having their cars, homes and hols abroad. The Labour Goverment the Goverment of the working man has turned on its core supporters and sold them to the highest bidder. Most Labour politicians are power and wealth seeking scum who dont give a toss for the working man anymore. Day by day they do more for the rich and the big profiteering banks and companies that pay them for their dirty deeds.

All those labour voting idots who voted this festering corrupt regime in must be well pleased, pleased their going to loose everything because of these parasites. But the parasites have help from others such as the EIL the environmental idiot league who dream of a medieval utopian UK to the rich pigs who think they should only have cars and travel on planes, they dont want the roads or their planes cluttered with poor people.

We have idiots telling us to turn down the heating, put more clothes on, live in one room. Why not just say were going back to Victorian times because that is what is happening in this country. Where are we ranked in the Worlds richest countries and were telling people to put more clothes on and live in one room. The fat rich greedy bastards arent doing it so why should we. And whilst this is all going on the companies and banks are making record profits while people lose their homes and jobs and what does our scumbag Goverment do nothing.

Well its time to act, its time to take up the cudgel and take the power and wealth away from those who have robbed us and continue to do so. They will not stop until we stop them, its time for revolution a time to act to expose the dung that runs this country and the fat cats who bleed us all dry.

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