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predictive dreams?

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 06:19 PM

I've been having a lot of weird dreams.

A couple months ago I had a dream that Demi Moore was missing, like she was abducted. Really weird, eps. since I'm not a fan nor have seen any thing with her in it since Ghost.

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that felt like reality. In my dream I woke up and it was Friday morning, as in reality, and the floor was shaking. It took me a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake and I went running down the stairs and out the door. I woke up and realized it was a dream. I told my boyfriend later that day about the dream and he said that he just saw on CNN that China that same day had an aftershock earthquake (a week or two after their recent devastating earthquake).

Two nights ago I had a dream of a boy who was missing. I saw him get kidnapped. I researched online and found him, looked just like my dream, but he wasn't abducted just lost. And he was found. I don't know why I had this dream a year after the fact, but I think it might have directed me to a certain website.

And last night I had a dream that I was at a ski resort. I skied down to the bottom. Got to where I was to check out and saw my boyfriend wasn't down yet. So I decided to go back and do one more run since I still had time. As I was heading towards the stairs to get to the ski area, a man held up the checkout desk at gunpoint. I was lucky to already be out of his range. I left my skiis and just headed up the stairs as fast as I could and hid in a shower stall. Another woman saw me and I told her what was happening and she hid with me. Another woman came and said he was a peddler that sold trinkets (bead jewelry that he made, stuff like that) and made very little. Like he sells things for .50 cents and in a day makes about $1.50. She said because he doesn't do enough research to find out which location is most marketable.
He was a black man, maybe foreign, not sure, no mask. He wore a baseball cap that was orange/brown-ish, I think green shirt. He seemed scared/nervous and not really wanting to hurt anyone. I didn't feel he would shoot the gun, it was just more for intimidation. I felt lucky that I decided to ski again, otherwise I would have been in the area where he held the people up. Don't know if this happened anywhere or is going to happen. Or maybe just a weird dream, but just wanted to share it.



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