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Journalist students eat cat - creates outroar (photos)

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 10:28 AM
First of all, the following links contains disturbing pictures for cat lovers.

This just hit the fan in Denmark where it took place.
The case is that a group of students of journalism wrote an article for their schoolpaper to shed light on animal welfare.
The cat in question was shot dead instantly by a farmer in order to keep the population down on his farm. This is quite normal in nordic countries and I wouldn't be surprised if anywhere else too. THE STUDENTS DID NOT KILL THIS ANIMAL THEMSELVES.

This is a quote from the Danish article:

- "The article should give the impression that even though it's a pet, we are just dealing with a piece of meat. People are really really good to their pets and spend lots of money on them. At the same time they buy cheap pork from the supermarket, from animals that have been treated like #. And why is it more dispicable to eat a cat instead of a pig? Is it not more important to think about what kind of life the animal has had?", asks Laura Boege Mortensen who is the editor of the paper.

Danish paper BT article

EDIT: It would appear that the images have been taken down for unknown reasons.


I believe in their cause here, and they prove a valid point. This is not a question regarding ones right to eat a pet, but to treat animals with dignity while they are alive. The cat probably lead a good life on that farm.
People are being brought up to not think for themselves, to not think rationally or question what society throws at us when it comes to standards and norms of behavior, and in turn we have become oblivious and careless to killing of any animal, even when it causes extinctions.

Does this speak to you in terms of rethinking about treatment of animals?
How often have you hit a dog because YOU were unable to communicate in a way that it could understand? How often have you stood looking at a pig truck being loaded with pigs like they were boxes and just gone "Arrrhm... bacon..."?

I know this subject has been brought up a lot. But this statement is powerful in my opinion.

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